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Friday, October 7, 2016


For the 2016 Columbus Day weekend I scheduled a Friday in NYC to head out into LIRR territory to get some photos of NASSAU interlocking in Mineola before any of the third track proposals ruined it. Also included is a brief stopover at Jamaica and the start of my trip in the Croton/Pleasantville area of Westchester. This trip also involved an attempt to ride a set of M3's on the Harlem Line, which ended up only being only partly successful photo and video wise, but I'll cover that in a part 2.

You can view all the LIRR, Harlem Line and GCT photos here.

Arriving at Croton-Harmon I caught an M7A set heading into the yard in front of HM tower.

It took a while for an M3 set to arrive at Pleasantville, so I amused myself getting photos and videos of the passing M7's and non-stopping diesel trainsets. When an M3 finally did arrive, the engineer kept the cab door open so he could chat up a pretty lady sitting in the opposite seat. From the conversation I suspect that both were married. #Shameless

Anyway Here southbound MNRR Harlem Line train passes through the station with CDoT Shoreliner IV Cab Car #6221 and MNRR P32AC-DM #224 on the rear. This train ran local from Waissac to Brewster North, then express to GCT.

My main line train to Mineola sitting on Penn Station Track #20 with LIRR M7 #7560.

This was located directly across from the old 'C' interlocking tower, with vintage 1911 signals hanging all over the place.

Replacement signal bridges going up at HAROLD interlocking as part of the LIRR One Seat Ride project. 

My train departing Mineola eastbound past NASSAU tower with LIRR M7 #7003.

LIRR M7 #7248 stopping at Mineola westbound.

NASSAU tower from the rear. Originally fitted with a mechanical lever frame, NASSAU has most recently been updated with a modern N-X panel and controls the main line between QUEENS and DIVIDE, as well as the Oyster Bay branch.

Westbound Oyster Bay train rounding the slow speed curve into the flat junction in front of the tower, with C-3 cab car #5003 and DM30 #500.

PRR amber position light signals on the Oyster Bay branch. Westbound two dwarf signals are provided (one mounted high up on the cantilever mast), while eastbound there are two high PL's governing movements over a trailing point crossover that allows eastbound wrong railing trains to cross over since the OB branch is still signaled with single direction Rule 251 ABS. The 13E signal has an upper head / position because LIRR trains diverge over Approach to stop since Medium Approach was never adopted.

Outbound LIRR non-stopping train blasting through Mineola with M7 #7160 in the lead.

Because of poor drainage, the LIRR is in a never ending battle to keep the flat junction at NASSAU from becoming a quagmire of speed restrictions. A crew was out preparing for the upcoming annual renewal job where the ML is shut down over a weekend and the entire flat junction removed, regraded and then replaced. Today the workers were able to shovel ballast for about 5 minutes at a time before having to clear up for the next train, which were running every 15 minutes or sooner.

LIRR M7 #7200 passing one of the track workers.

The mid-day New York and Atlantic freight soon appeared with MP15 #155 in the lead.  

Here is a video that more efficiently captures the scope of the weekday action at NASSAU.

Eastbound LIRR M7 #7476 stops at Mineola station.

To avoid wasting track capacity, inbound and outbound Oyster Bay trains are scheduled to pass at Mineola. Here we see such a meet with ME30 #407 heading eastbound and #409 pushing westbound.

C-3 cab car #5006 was on the rear of the outbound OB train.

 Not sure why, but I am always seeing pairs of LIRR MP15's running lite. Here one such move with #154 and #153 is seen heading east through Mineola.

To catch my return train I positioned myself on the west end of the Mineola platform. I took the second of two closely spaced locals, the first of which was led by M7 #7221 and trailed by #7582 and the second led by #7787.

C-3 #5003 passing M7 #7386 in front of JAY tower at Jamaica. Unfortunately the LIRR has started replacing the PRR PL dwarf signals with stacked color lights

LIRR M3's and M7's on the northern station yard tracks.

I'll finish Part one with this rear view of the LIRR HQ at the Jamaica Station complex. 

Next week I'll move on to Part 2 which, in addition to GCT and the Harlem Line, includes a (6) train trip to Whitlock Ave.

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