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Sunday, May 25, 2008

08-05-25 PHOTOS: NYC Subway Vanishing Railfan Windows

Its been a month or so since I last posted some photos. I'm not falling behind on the processing, that's actually accelerated, but its the writeup for this specific photo set that I have found particularly daunting so I have found a few free hours to pound it out all for my precious readers.

Having many painful regrets about when the redbirds vanished, over the past year I have done my utmost to document the various railfan window enabled lines on the NYCS before they vanish forever able become useless. Here is one of my first major trips to the city I took last June when I still had someone to stay with. My targets were such endangered species as the Brighton Beach Line, the South Ferry Loop and VALLEY interlocking.

There's going to be a lot of pictures here so hold onto your hats. The Brighton Line pics as well as all of the other stuff I took on the NYCS, LIRR and Amtrak that weekend can be located at:

I'll post up some of the VALLEY interlocking pics in a later post.

Anyway, on with the show.

On the early morning Amtrak train to NYC I caught a freight train on the Trenton Line at SHORE interlocking with its
mainline doubleslip switch.

Here are GRUNDY and MIDWAY. interlockings with their still standing towers towers.

My primary reason for this trip was to ride a Slant up the concourse. Not much to photograph there, but I did get a pic inside one R "Slant" 40 #4343.

Riding the B all the way from the Grand Concourse to the Brighton line involved a trip across the Manny B.

Once there I encountered an inbound Slant B in the below grade portion of the line.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

08-05-01 PHOTOS: Fenway PCC

This next set dates back from May 1 08 where I took a trip to Boston for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. That didn't end so well losing 3-0 to the Blue Jays, one of only a handful of losses at home that year, but my excursion out to see the PCC's on the Mattapan Line . There are also some other random shots from my trip up the corridor and a bunch of photos taken at Fenway Park

Well that was a pretty easy writeup, I guess I can just cut to the showcase. If you want to sort through the whole batch as always you can hit them up at this location.

First up is LIRR protect engine MP-15 #102 at HAROLD. It's ironic that they put the Dashing Dan logo on the engine whose job it is to rescue broken down LIRR commuter trains.

 Close up up the west home signal gantry on the eastbound tracks for HAROLD interlocking. 

Looks like somebody stole the Penn Central GREEN sign off of the old SS28 tower in Greenwitch.

This was right before the Thames River Bridge in New London was replaced so I got a side window video of the old structure.


 When I eventually arrived at that Ashmont station it appeared that someone at the MBTA decided to be spiteful and demolished the old tower located there. Here an 1800 trainset waits to return to service looking past where the old tower used to be.

A PCC quickly arrived and off we went on the brand new loop.

Here's an opposing #3268 PCC loading passengers at Central Ave.

We went all the way out to Mattapan, it was my first trip out there since they demolished the Trolley Barn.