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Thursday, April 10, 2008

08-04-10 PHOTOS: T-Third

Yes I am horrible. While I have been doing a reasonable job of processing photos and such, the amount of time it takes to do these writeups has been a strong incentive for me to procrastinate. These pictures are from last April during my trip to the 2008 RSA Computer Security convention in San Francisco. Over my 2007 trip to the same event I was just 2 months early for full service to begin on the T-Third line. This trip getting a tour of the T-Third was a top priority.

My trip started off on a sour note when my flight was canceled and I got bumped onto a new flight that left 8 hours later. This prevented me from being able to railfan Caltrain again, but I did have two previous chances to do that so no big loss. As I had fanned the other MUNI lines previously I didn't really bother to hit them either, same with the cable cars. I waited until a bright sunny day and took the T-Third on a round trip out and back to Bayshore. At Bayshore I took a little walk around to catch some peak period Caltrain action at the Bayshore Caltrain station, which is one of the most photogenic locations on Caltrain, positioned at the end of a tunnel and the beginning of a 4-track segment.

Anyway, enough chitchat, you can find the full T-Third line tour along with my other photos here

Of course I will now post a hand-picked selection of quality photos since I know nobody can be bothered to click the link :-P

First off is the new T-third station at the 4th and King Caltrain terminal with LRV #1519 pulling in.

Next is the 4th Street drawbridge, one of the iconic features of the line and one of two rebuilt drawbridges. Now here is one big mistake MUNI made. In order to connect the T with the Caltrain station they had to move the T down to 4th and then have it get back over to third with some agonizingly slow turns against traffic instead of just running the line straight down 4th to 3rd. I have no idea why they insisted on the sharp curves there.

Here you can see the modifications made to the art deco drawbridge over the Islias Creek.

While all of the line ran in a central reservation, the part in Bayshore was the nicest.

MUNI 1495-2 arriving at Bayshore. Everything was rebuilt, including the traffic lights.