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Sunday, September 20, 2015

15-09-20 GUEST PHOTOS: Euro Sampler

In September 2015 I sent one of my operatives to Europe with instructions to take rail photos along his travels to London, Barcelona, Prague and Vienna. While I can't say I was necessarily impressed with the quantity of material that was returned (how do you miss seeing trams in Prague!) it was better than nothing. So anyway, let's dive right in. You can see the full set of pictures here.

We start with a train of Thameslink Class 337 Electrostar MU's waiting to depart the Blackfriars station in central London.

Here we see a National Express Class 357 MU commuter train passing alongside the Docklands Light Rail tracks in east London.

The DLR Canary Wharf station.

The commuter rail station at the Barcelona Airport only has a single track, but the airport is also served by the Metro.

The Aeri de Montserrat cable car is the most direct way for someone to reach the monestaries on that particular mountain

After the cable car, those not needing a cardio workout can use two funiculars to reach the attractions. The lower one, Funicular de la Santa Cova features a curved track.

Power house and info board for the Funicular de la Santa Cova.

Above that is the more conventional Funicular de Sant Joan.

If the cable car isn't your thing, there is also a winding rack railway that runs to the base of the funiculars.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

15-09-12 PHOTOS: MFL FML

If you don't get the title today I'm covering SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line backwards and forwards. Despite being based in Philly, I had never bothered to really take the time to record a railfan window video of the entire MFL one so I figured I might as well get it out of the way in both directions all at once. The videos are of the type that allowed me to edit out all the dwell time so that's a plus. I also took photos and you can find them all right here.

We begin with PATCO car #296 making a station stop at Haddonfield. No, it doesn't have PENNSYLVANIA written on the side, but with the rebuilt cars entering service I can no longer ignore the old ladies.

Speak of the Devil, #1028 seen approaching Ferry Ave.

On weekends PATCO was single tracking over the Ben Franklin Bridge with the eastbound track out of service. Due to a dispatching SNAFU, an eastbound train was sent past the 12th St crossover. This was a problem because the 8th Street interlocking only allows trailing crossover movements and thus required a rare sawback maneuver into the 8th Street pocket track. With a supervisor in the rear cab position the train pulled into the pocket, reversed out of the pocket then proceeded westbound. This video shows the last of those three maneuvers including the US&S A-5 pneumatic throwing and the signal displaying a proceed indication.

The next stop was the Frankford Terminal where I found MFL cars #1086, 1187 and 1173.

Preparing for departure a caught #1109 at the head of a train as it entered the Bridge St interlocking.

Here we are passing car #1083 on the Market St Elevated.

At 69th Street Terminal I found that the Rts 101/102 loading area had gotten a lot more airy. Good for photographs, bad for avoiding the elements. SEPTA K-car #115 signed for Route 102.

K-Car #118 departing for Media.

K-car #114 was waiting on one of the two tracks that lead down to the suburban trolley yard.

Thanks to the hole in the wall I could take photos of trains climbing the loop from the Rt 101/102 departure platform. At least temporarily

So am I going to save the much hyped MFL videos for a separate post? Nah, here they are!

The first shows Frankford Terminal to 69th St. At 4:30 I catch an eastbound CSX freight on the Delair Branch with CSX ES44AH #879 and SD50 #8520.

Here is 69th St to Frankford Terminal. For some reason this direction ran nearly 4 minutes faster.

Well that's all I have for today. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

15-09-03 PHOTOS: Hampshire Heritage

Well my post clock has finally wrapped back around to Labour Day and that means another trip up to New Hampshire via Boston and Amtrak's Downeaster.  This time the stars of the trip were caught at Boston North Station as both Amtrak Phase III heritage unit #145 was leading one of the Downeaster train-sets and an ex-Amtrak, ex-AMT F40PH was also running around in MTBA service.  You saw the video segment last week, now its time for the stills.  If you want to enjoy them all, here is the link.

We begin in Sunnyside, Queens as my train emerges from the East River Tunnel, racing an LIRR trainset on the adjacent track.  With all the changes going in with the East Side Access I figured it would be prudent to get some shots out the back of my Train 172.

With color lights looming I made sure to capture some of the 4 track PRR PL gantries at HAROLD.

Spotted another endangered species in the form of Amtrak AEM-7 #929, playing the protect role at New Haven.

Also at New Haven was a deadline of M-2/4/6 MU's.

Power for my  Train T172 was provided by Amtrak ACS-86 #611.

 Hopping across town I was pleased to discover Phase III heritage P42DC #145.

Sitting across the platform from was leased AMT F40PH #293, which started live as an Amtrak F40PH with possibly the same number.

 Pulling in on the adjacent track was MTBA GP40MC #1139

15-09-03 VIDEOS: Amtrak Shore Line - GoPro

Amtrak crews on the upper new tend to be much more chill and over time I have been able to collect a good number of rear-facing videos between New Haven and Boston. In fact the greatest obstacle to videos has been catastrophic back lighting and extreme weather, like Boston's record snowfall, that results in crap getting on the rear window.

Last Labor Day I was once again headed up to Boston and decided to use my GoPro to get a more complete HD record of Amtrak's Shore Line. Below are a number of videos covering the route from Old Saybrook to Boston Back Bay.

The first video runs from Old Saybrook to New London. I try to get the videos to around 20-30 minutes due to the battery consumption rate of the GoPro. This segment includes the Connecticut River, Niantic River and Shaw's Cove movable bridges.

This next segment runs from New London to Kingston, RI. It includes the Thames and Mystic river movable bridges. This Regional train (172) did not make the Mystic or Westerly stops.

From there we travel from Kingston to Providence. Right off the bat note the work at Kingston to give it two full length high level platforms. That is also in the middle of one of the 150mph Acela runs.

The next part from Prividence, PI to Route 128 contains the other 150mph Acela run.

Finally we proceed through Boston's Southwest corridor trench to Boston South Station.

I hope you enjoyed the ride. Next week tune in the the still photos taken along this route, Boston and New Hampshire.