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Friday, November 27, 2009

09-11-27 PHOTOS: Black Subday

Every Black Friday it has become a tradition for me to journey to the Windy Apple to take a ride on the NYC Subway system. With the retirement of most of the fun vehicles just about the only thing left to do is scout out the interlocking towers and ride the (7), which is exactly what I did for Black Friday 2009. My journey consisted of taking the 'C' train down to Lafayette Ave to take some pictures of the IND interlocking tower at the end of the side-wall platform there, then continuing to catch the Franklyn Ave Shuttle to Prospect Park. From there I somehow got on the (7) train to Roosevelt Ave where I could transfer to a Queens Blvd train back to Manhattan.

That's pretty much it, you can see the whole set of photos which are heavy on the Flushing Line here.

So anyway we begin at Chambers St with R32 #3664.

AVE interlocking controlled a singe crossover on each of the local express pairs as well as a pocket/turnback track between the two express tracks. Here is the #31 signal next to the tower displaying an Approach Medium indication after my departed C train while a westbound train passes on the express track.

A bit later the signal turned Clear and a captured it with another westbound express train passing. Here you can see the single local to express turnout.

Slightly different angle of the riot proofed interlocking tower, a single green lamp visible on the mode board. The tower is normally closed and left in automatic mode when not needed for exceptional circumstances.

A (Q) train of R68's at Prospect Park.

Monday, November 23, 2009

09-11-23 PHOTOS: Middletown and Lancaster

One easy way to earn Amtrak Guest Rewards points it to take a number of short trips on the low cost, unreserved Amtrak Keystone Line. To this end I partnered with the Xen Master of AGR points, Chuchubob to take a milti-part trip on the Keystone line over last year's Thanksgiving Week. The trip would check in on what was up at the Middletown and Hummlestown's Middletown yard and then travel to Lancaster to check out the recent re-signaling of CORK interlocking.

It's a pretty simple concept so I might as well get started. You can find the entire set of photos here.

We start with our first westbound Keystone trainset as it departs Middletown with Metroliner cab car #9638 on the rear.

 A few minutes later an arrived with cab car # 9646 also on the rear. Here we see it getting under way after its station stop.

Here we see it from a distance as it takes the signal at ROY interlocking.

The M&H still has its stock of SEPTA PCCs.

Western Maryland #151 was hanging out next to some old coaches.

I believe that this old double ended PCC #605 used to operate in Toronto due to its destination sign. 

I was unfamilliar with the original of this old steeple cab freighter.

Former CTA Rt 100 car #476.

Alco switcher #1016 painted in actual M&H colors.

Cab car #9636 returned to us for our short hop back to Lancaster...earning another set of AGR points ;-)