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Monday, September 4, 2006

06-09-04 PHOTOS: Albany Circle

Over Labour Day I drove with a friend in a circle around the Albany Area exploring various interlockings with a stop off at Super Steel to view the stored Turboliner trainsets.

The trip included XO tower in Mechanicsville, CP-RJ in Rotterdam Junction and CP-VO in Vhoorheesville.

You can find all the photos at:

Here is a short narrated tour of what I saw.

Not too much Turbo in these Turboliners as they sit parked at Super Steel.

 Many were still shrink wrapped to keep out the rain.


Dual position third rail shoe that works on the under-running NYC rail or the overrunning PRR rail.

XO tower in Mechanicsville. Former D&H tower at the throat of a large yard which has also been ripped out. Now a simple interlocking (CP-467) where the former D&H line now operated by Canadian Pacific links with the Guilford Rail System freight main line.