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Friday, September 12, 2008

08-09-12 PHOTOS: CMSL at Richland

Last September the CMSL completed work at its Richland station to install a storage siding funded by the local town government. I was on hand to take some pictures on the first day of operations. Also in this set were some pictures of CSX MoW work near my place in Baltimore and some disturbing pictures of Lord Xenu's forces at 30th St station in Philadelphia.

The new Richland siding ran from a bumper block at the station on Rt 40 to new switch just east of the railroad crossing south of town. The siding switch was attached to a radio base that would announce on the road channel when the switch was opened.

Not much more to it than that so I'll just dive into the pictures. You can find the whole set here

Here M410 crosses the Rt 552 crossing several miles south of Richland on its northbound trip from Tuckahoe. 

The standard CMSL trainset was being pushed by PRR #7000.

The 25mph track speed made the train easy to catch as it entered the new siding. Here is M410 again.