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Friday, July 14, 2006

06-07-14 PHOTOS: B&O Museum

 In July 2006 I paid a visit to the B&O railroad mseum. Yeah its been a while, but I wanted to go with some other people and for what the museum contains (static displays) and what the museum costs ($17) its not the sort of thing one feels to do often.

Overall I am glad I went. Its neat to see all the super-old stuff and the CNJ 1000 diesel. A good portion of their collection is still in a crushed state from that roof collapse, but again it was most of that pre-knuckle coupler stuff that I could care less about. The museum has a short train ride over the "first mile" consisting of MARC Heritage coaches pulled by a switcher. The hi-lite of the trip was a rusting GG-1 which some say is too far gone to be restored.

It seems that the C&O was better at preserving stuff. They have one of the big 2-6-6-6 engines which they falsely claim to be the most powerful steam engine ever made (PRR Q2 had 8000 HP, 1400 more). They also have a neat streamlines C&O Pacific.

The photos can be seen at:

And some teasers.

Here's that C&O Pacific...the sight lines in the engine shoppe sucked.

The famous CNJ 1000. GO NEW JERSEY!!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

06-07-02 PHOTOS: Boston Green Line

Back over the July 4th Holiday I took a little trip up to Boston to ride the C, D and E Green Lines. To get there I took the very worst train on the NEC...Amtrak Train 66 aka Hell on Wheels. Just about the ONLY good thing about the trip was that at 2am Penn Station lacks its normal contingent of railfan harassing police and I was able to get a lot of very nice photos.

In Penn I got some pics of some Private Varnish on the back of the cardinal from Chicago. I also was able to get an accross the platform of original and replacement Penn Station signals.

The trip to Boston was fairly straight forward. On Saturday Subtalker Alex and I hit the Green Line and on Sunday we took the MTBA up to Lowell to see the industrial museum's there.

A little surprise at Lowell was a tourist trolley with one car on loan from Seashore and another GOMACO trolley that appeared to be owned by the city or park service. The Seashore car was a former New Orleans car which the City of New Orleans has been trying to buy since their existing stock got pwnd.

You can see the pics at:

An ALP-46 Powered NJT train pulls into Penn Station at 2:30 AM.

A interlocking and the North River Tunnel as seen from the track 11/12 platform under the old A Tower.