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Sunday, July 2, 2006

06-07-02 PHOTOS: Boston Green Line

Back over the July 4th Holiday I took a little trip up to Boston to ride the C, D and E Green Lines. To get there I took the very worst train on the NEC...Amtrak Train 66 aka Hell on Wheels. Just about the ONLY good thing about the trip was that at 2am Penn Station lacks its normal contingent of railfan harassing police and I was able to get a lot of very nice photos.

In Penn I got some pics of some Private Varnish on the back of the cardinal from Chicago. I also was able to get an accross the platform of original and replacement Penn Station signals.

The trip to Boston was fairly straight forward. On Saturday Subtalker Alex and I hit the Green Line and on Sunday we took the MTBA up to Lowell to see the industrial museum's there.

A little surprise at Lowell was a tourist trolley with one car on loan from Seashore and another GOMACO trolley that appeared to be owned by the city or park service. The Seashore car was a former New Orleans car which the City of New Orleans has been trying to buy since their existing stock got pwnd.

You can see the pics at:

An ALP-46 Powered NJT train pulls into Penn Station at 2:30 AM.

A interlocking and the North River Tunnel as seen from the track 11/12 platform under the old A Tower.

A Tower and a moving LIRR M7.

 Trains 66 and 67 wait side-by-side at Penn Station.

The Kitchi Gammi Club turned up on a very late arriving Cardinal.

JO Interlocking with a vintage 1911 Penn Station signal. 

Arriving in Boston I went out with Alex to try and hunt down some of the dwindling number of Boeing LRV's running on the 'C' line.  Here is a two car set of Type VIIs at Reservoir. 

Type VIII #3870 pulling out of Resevoir yard and onto the C-Line.  Let's hope it doesn't derail.

Type VII at Cleveland Circle.

See, the Type VI's (Boeing LRV's) live, albeit tied down in the yard at Riverside.  #3448 here was painted in a heritage paint scheme.

 Boeing LRV's waiting for rush hour service at Riverside.

Riverside ready storage tracks with plenty of Boeing cars.

Outbound Trolley terminal at Leechmere.  This is one of the many locations where the craft MTBA will dump you outside fare control.

New Orleans style Perley Thomas car #966 in tourist service in Lowell, MA as part of the historic industry district sitting next to a preserved steam locomotive on static display.  The "Canal" designation isn't just for show.  The line actually runs adjacent to the canals that brought water to the city's many textile mills.

#1601 is actually a recently built street by the Gomaco company which got into the business of making reproduction streetcars for historic services across the country.

Working loom at the Lowell textile museum.

Boston and Maine's former Lowell tower sitting just south of the city's transportation centre.

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