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Saturday, March 24, 2007

07-03-24 PHOTOS: Baltimore Streetcar Museum in Spring

Nothing that exciting, just a quick little trip I took to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum back in March along with various pictures of spring in my local area.

You can find all of the wonderful pix at

And of course some teaser pix.

#6119 sitting on the loop.  This was a 1930's car that provided performance and comfort upgraded over the previous generation of "classic" wooden trolleys.

The resident PCC # 7407

The #554 open car was also out on this wonderful day.

The volunteer labour has been working hard to install a new track to the carbarn.  They are using the Melbourne style of track construction which involves setting the rails down with gauge bars and then filling everything with concrete. All rail has been salvaged from the streets of Baltimore. 

The newly delivered ex-SEPTA PCC work car sits out by the old Maryland and Pennsylvania freight house.  It is on its own rails until the trucks can be re-gauged. 

Some cherry trees and forsythia in bloom around Baltimore.

Coming up next time, my adventures on DART.