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Sunday, February 14, 2010

10-02-14 PHOTOS: South Jersey Snow

If am sure that everybody remembers the great Snowpocalypse of 2010. Well one week after that event, during the President's Day weekend, I made a trip around South Jersey with Chuchubob checking out his standard list of haunts. I figured it was a good way to be exempt from his daily barrage of photos taken at Cove Road, 36th St and Pavonia Yard :-P

I have also heard that some folks complain that my photo sets don't have enough trains in them. Well this set will almost be entirely trains so you can now sit back and enjoy the exact same sorts of photos that everybody else throws up online.

We'll begin in Baltimore showing the large amounts of snow still piled up in the track area a good week after the Blizzard. Here we see a K-Car split level cab car on the F track waiting out the weekend of inactivity.

And an HHP-8 laid up on #5 track with one of the longer Push-Pull sets also consisting of split level K-cars.

We move onto a video selection of an eastbound NJT Atlantic City Line train crossing the Delair Bridge which currently celebrating its 115th Birthday. The engine involved is #4202

Moving onto Cove Road we catch NJT RiverLINE #3514A heading southbound.

A few minutes later the RiverLINE mast signal at CP-HATCH was pulled up to display Medium Approach Medium for a northbound RiverLINE train. The rest of CP-HATCH consists of dwarf signals and defines the junction between the old Bordentown Secondary, the Fish House connector to the Delair Bridge and another connector to the Palmyra Industrial Track.

A short while later northbound RiverLINE #3508 appeared to knock down the signal. 

To increase capacity a new intermediate signal, 401S, was installed on the RiverLINE between the interlocking at 36th St and Hatch. Seen here with #3514B.


Moving on to the 36th St RiverLINE station Bob and I discovered a Conrail Quality SD40 #8817 coupled to a rare NS SD45-2 #1701.

#1701 was one of a batch of SD45-2s ordered by the Erie-Lackawanna in the 1970's for its intermodal service to and from Chicago. The units were equipped with 5000 gallon "coast to coast" tanks, making a unique order for an already rare class (SD45-2).

While hanging at 36th St another northbound RiverLINE showed up. This time with #3515B on the end.