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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

08-01-16 PHOTOS: Selkirk Branch East

I have been slowly documenting the entire alphabet soup of the Selkirk Branch in New York's Capitol District. If you'll remember a few years ago I covered CP-RJ and CP-VO and on this trip I hit CP-SK and CP-SM, leaving only CP-SH and CP-FB for future excursions.

For those of you who don't know the layout in the area, CP-SK is located on the Conrail Selkirk Branch at the east end of Selkirk Yard at the junction of the non-excited River Line and the Albany Secondary track. East of CP-SK is the Alfred H. Smith Empire State Bridge over the Hudson River and then CP-SM where the Selkirk Branch ends and the Boston Line and Schodack Branch begin. CP-SK was re-signaled in the waning days of Conrail, so the original NYC era searchlight signals are gone, but at least it's better than CP-SM, which got the once over by CSX resulting in Darth Vader signals and lame signage.

Anyway, not too much to talk about here, might as well cut to the photos. You can find the whole set at:

Now a brief photo tour:

Here's CP-SK looking east. River Line is off to the right, Albany Secondary off to the left and the east leg of the River Line wye all the way in the distance.

 Here's CP-SK looking west. From left to right, Main Track 2, Yard Lead, Main Track 1 and Inbound Track.

View under the bridge showing the River Line ladder tracks.

View back showing the Rt 9 bridge and relay hut.

After CP-SK I made a short pass by Selkirk Yard where a yard slug was making a hump move.