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Friday, June 20, 2008

08-06-20 PHOTOS: Video Path (and Other Touristy Stuff)

This set of photos is a bit hard to classify as I went to an O's game and took photos of MARC and later went to NYC and took pictures of DOCK intelrocking and other touristy things as part of a visit to the Museum of Natural History and the photos ended up on the same roll together.

Not much more to say than that except I now have two backlogs, one of the photos I need to process and another of the processed photos I need to write up. You can blame the free UK Railway signaling simulator SimSig for taking up a lot of my time recently d.d b.b

As usual you can find the photos here:

And now on with the show.

Let's start things off with run of the mill CSX GE C44-10W #5244 rounding the curve at Bailey's Wye. That B&O CPL signal it is passing is a brand new in kind replacement for one that was demolished in a derailment a few months earlier.

Same train moving past the southbound CPL to HB TOWER interlocking next to the Hamburg St light rail station with C40-10W #5451. 

Here's a view of the MARC tracks and people arriving for the game.

MARC's GP39H-2s #72 was in Camden station preparing to depart south for the evening.

And I was indeed able to catch its departure led by single level cab car #7757.

The O's had paid to wrap half of a MTA-M light rail car. I guess wrapping the whole thing was out of reach for a sub-500 team :-D

On my way up to NYC I got some good photos of DOCK intelrocking in Newark. These photos were well timed because many of the all amber PL's have since been replaced and colourized.

For example this gantry with the 148R, 150R, 150L and 152R signals was still all amber, but has now been colorized.

The 141E and 143W points with pneumatic A-5 machines.

 The compact type 126R signal.

The compact type 122R and 124R signals, 122R has bee replaced by a full size colourized unit.

Speaking of new signals I got photos of the new 472 signal at Princeton, relocated so that stopping trains weren't in the signal block allowing following trains to maintain speed. Looks like Amtrak has finally stopped using full round lower heads when there is only a single row.

In addition to the natural history museum that had way too much stuff from the 70's in it, I took a side trip to RESTAURANT!

And when are they going to finish St John the Divine?

The main reason for my trip was to get some RFW videos from the front of a PATH train in the tunnels. I was mostly successful with a few that turned out too blurry, but I was able to capture Grove to Newport and then 9th to 33rd. 


Lastly I got a shot of the westbound Hudson tube from Christopher to Newport, and we had a competent engineer so it times at over a minute faster of my later video with the Christmas tree, however i didn't set things right and the video is terribly dark, worse with the low res. Sorry.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed them. You'll see more in the near future I swear.