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Friday, July 14, 2006

06-07-14 PHOTOS: B&O Museum

 In July 2006 I paid a visit to the B&O railroad mseum. Yeah its been a while, but I wanted to go with some other people and for what the museum contains (static displays) and what the museum costs ($17) its not the sort of thing one feels to do often.

Overall I am glad I went. Its neat to see all the super-old stuff and the CNJ 1000 diesel. A good portion of their collection is still in a crushed state from that roof collapse, but again it was most of that pre-knuckle coupler stuff that I could care less about. The museum has a short train ride over the "first mile" consisting of MARC Heritage coaches pulled by a switcher. The hi-lite of the trip was a rusting GG-1 which some say is too far gone to be restored.

It seems that the C&O was better at preserving stuff. They have one of the big 2-6-6-6 engines which they falsely claim to be the most powerful steam engine ever made (PRR Q2 had 8000 HP, 1400 more). They also have a neat streamlines C&O Pacific.

The photos can be seen at:

And some teasers.

Here's that C&O Pacific...the sight lines in the engine shoppe sucked.

The famous CNJ 1000. GO NEW JERSEY!!

W&M BL-2, not many of these left.

Here's GG-1 4875 rusing awat on the storage line.

Sampling of signals in the parking lot.

The roundhouse, restored after a large snowfall collapsed the roof..

And its rebuilt roof. Amazing how little mateirals they used back in the way. Today you'd just see massive I-beams like steel was free.

Here's a bit of history one can get for free.  B&O RDC out in the parking lot.


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