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Saturday, June 10, 2006

06-06-10 PHOTOS: NJT Gladstone

In June 2006 I stopped by the NJT terminal in Gladstone. It was a Sunday and there wasn't too much action, but I happened to arrive to catch the inbound/outbound hourly train swap. There was also some relay-action going on. In the yard, in addition to the Arrow III MU, were some ALP-46 sets for Midtown Direct trains.

Gladstone Pix at:

Arrow III car #1324 moves past #1305 which is waiting at the platform to be the next inbound train to New York.

ALP-46 #4627 with a Midtown Direct trainset laying over for the next weekday.

Happy little Gladstone Station

Arrow III #1465 arriving from HOB next to ALP-46 #4628.


End of the wire and track at Gladstone.

NJT switching and line balancing substation at Gladstone.

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