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Thursday, September 3, 2015

15-09-03 VIDEOS: Amtrak Shore Line - GoPro

Amtrak crews on the upper new tend to be much more chill and over time I have been able to collect a good number of rear-facing videos between New Haven and Boston. In fact the greatest obstacle to videos has been catastrophic back lighting and extreme weather, like Boston's record snowfall, that results in crap getting on the rear window.

Last Labor Day I was once again headed up to Boston and decided to use my GoPro to get a more complete HD record of Amtrak's Shore Line. Below are a number of videos covering the route from Old Saybrook to Boston Back Bay.

The first video runs from Old Saybrook to New London. I try to get the videos to around 20-30 minutes due to the battery consumption rate of the GoPro. This segment includes the Connecticut River, Niantic River and Shaw's Cove movable bridges.

This next segment runs from New London to Kingston, RI. It includes the Thames and Mystic river movable bridges. This Regional train (172) did not make the Mystic or Westerly stops.

From there we travel from Kingston to Providence. Right off the bat note the work at Kingston to give it two full length high level platforms. That is also in the middle of one of the 150mph Acela runs.

The next part from Prividence, PI to Route 128 contains the other 150mph Acela run.

Finally we proceed through Boston's Southwest corridor trench to Boston South Station.

I hope you enjoyed the ride. Next week tune in the the still photos taken along this route, Boston and New Hampshire.

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