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Thursday, September 3, 2015

15-09-03 PHOTOS: Hampshire Heritage

Well my post clock has finally wrapped back around to Labour Day and that means another trip up to New Hampshire via Boston and Amtrak's Downeaster.  This time the stars of the trip were caught at Boston North Station as both Amtrak Phase III heritage unit #145 was leading one of the Downeaster train-sets and an ex-Amtrak, ex-AMT F40PH was also running around in MTBA service.  You saw the video segment last week, now its time for the stills.  If you want to enjoy them all, here is the link.

We begin in Sunnyside, Queens as my train emerges from the East River Tunnel, racing an LIRR trainset on the adjacent track.  With all the changes going in with the East Side Access I figured it would be prudent to get some shots out the back of my Train 172.

With color lights looming I made sure to capture some of the 4 track PRR PL gantries at HAROLD.

Spotted another endangered species in the form of Amtrak AEM-7 #929, playing the protect role at New Haven.

Also at New Haven was a deadline of M-2/4/6 MU's.

Power for my  Train T172 was provided by Amtrak ACS-86 #611.

 Hopping across town I was pleased to discover Phase III heritage P42DC #145.

Sitting across the platform from was leased AMT F40PH #293, which started live as an Amtrak F40PH with possibly the same number.

 Pulling in on the adjacent track was MTBA GP40MC #1139

What does it all sound like? While an outbound MBTA train departs with cab car #1629 on the rear, Amtrak Phase III Heritage #145 idled directly across from former Amtrak F40PH #293. Stripes, Stripes Everywhere!

With a larger locomotive entering the watering hole, AMT F40PH #293 had somewhere it would rather.

Who wouldn't be intimidated by a big bruiser GE HSP-46. This example, MTBA #2034, pulled into Boston North Station shortly before 5pm with cab car #1627 in the lead.

Here's a still photo of MTBA HSP-46 #2034.

Amtrak #145 preparing to depart the Exeter, NH station.

Video of the same with F40PH cab car #90213.

There are only 2 or 3 trainsets operating the Downeaster service so I had a pretty high probability of catching #145 when I went out the next day to catch a train at East Kingston.

To my surprise, cab car #90213 had been replaced by P42DC #123.

The East Kingston station appeared to now be a private business or residence, but the train order semaphores and platform remained intact.

Upon my return to Boston North Station I caught HSP-46 #2033departing with a north end commuter train.

Over at South Station I caught new Rotem bi-level K-Car Kopy #1819.

I decided to take a break on the way back and not shoot video of photos out the back of my southbound Amtrak Regional.  After a flawless performance in New Englande, the south end Amtrak engineer did something to crap out the new ACS-86 locomotive.  I was able to take this photo of #618 with a northbound Train 66 as we paused at Wilmington to let people figure out what was wrong.

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