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Saturday, October 8, 2016

16-10-08 PHOTOS: Hudson Line Signals

This year for my Columbus Day road trip I stayed on the east side of the Hudson River, then went north a bit up the former New York Central main line until I had passed CP-75 and entered what is now Amtrak territory. Because of the change of ownership, it is likely only a matter of time before many of the classic NY Central signaling elements are replaced so I wanted to try and get my photos in before that happens. Thanks to Alex and Amanda for providing transportation on this road trip. Some of their photos and videos are included in this set. Speaking of which, you can find the full set of photos here

The Hyde Park station is located 79 miles from GCT and 361 miles from BCT. It basically served one family, the Roosevelts, who compound was just a little ways up the road. Today the station has been preserved as a rail history museum and stands just shy of the MP 79 signal bridge.

Two miles to the north, what Amtrak Empire Service Train #281 hauled by Amtrak P32AC-DM #703, the Northbound Adirondack, passes under the classic NY Central intermediate signal bridge at Milepost 81. Also, a quick note.

I've always wondered why the station at Rhinecliff, NY is so darn nice. It's not a large city and doesn't seem especially affluent. Was the Central just that wealthy to overbuild it's stations or did some railroad executive live nearby? Anyway, the station offered baggage services, has an ornate waiting room and has a concourse that once led to two island platforms (now one).

Someone might want to call Amtrak, because I think I found all their missing step stools. 

Here we catch eastbound Empire service train #238 hauled by P32AC-DM #700.

From the south passenger walkway here is #700 with Train 238, ready to depart Rhinecliff.

And off it goes, throwing off loads of deep throated audio in the process.

A few minutes later Amtrak P32AC-DM #708 passed through CP-89, just north Rhinecliff, the with westbound Empire train #233.

#708 again taking the northbound track 1 signal at CP-89. CP-89 was where the 4-track section went back to 2-tracks in the NY Central era.

Amtrak P32AC-DM #716 with westbound Empire train #283 knocking down the the milepost 99 signals at Tivoli, NY.

Amtrak's new High Speed Train at Tivoli? (More like a ballast tamper. Still brand new though.)

Amtrak Phase III Heritage P32AC-DM #710 leading Train #48, the eastbound Lake Shore Limited, flies through CP-103 in Germantown where an adjacent wedding was using the right of way for overflow parking. 

Southbound Amtrak Empire Service Train #256 splitting the milepost 106 intermediate signals with P32AC-DM #103. You might recall #703 from earlier in the day heading north on the front of Train #281. That train of course continued on to Buffalo, but #703 was evidently swapped out for a P42 and then sent south back towards NYC after servicing. 

On the drive home we made one more quick stop off at Tivoli to catch the westbound Lake Shore Limited Train #48. Today P32AC-DM #702 was doing the honors. The track here is so flat and so straight, I could see the milepost 97 signals light up from where I stood at the milepost 99 signals. It is not surprising that New York Central S-class Niagara could hit upwards of 120mph on this track. Due to CSX ownership and use, speeds on this portion of this line were pegged at 90 or 95mph, however there is little preventing an eventually return to 110mph or more.

Unfortunately for the passengers, Train 48 was running with an extra Amfleet II dinette in place of a full service dining car :-(. Here we see the train splitting the milepost 99 automatic signals. The track 1 searchlight signal has been caught during the brief period when it flashes to Approach before settling on Stop and Proceed. 

Heading home the next day I caught MNRR Shoreliner IV Cab Car #6311 standing across from Shoreliner I cab car #6211!

#6311 had just arrived from GCT behind MNDD P32AC-DM #204 in route to Poughkeepsie.

A short while later New Haven P32AC-DM #229, a bit far from home rails, passes by as it pushes a train towards New York City.

This was soon followed by MNRR P32AC-DM #221. There was some sort of issue so diesel trains were being swapped for M7 trainsets. Because it was NYC Comic Con weekend there were all sorts of crazy characters on the platform. 

Amtrak P32AC-DM #717 arriving at Croton and then Penn Station.

Well that's it for this adventure. Next week we'll stop by the CMSL depot at Tuckahoe, NJ.

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