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Sunday, October 30, 2016

16-10-30 VIDEOS: Autumn Express - Amtrak Harrisburg Line

Rear vestibule access on the Autumn Express didn't just mean I could take great pictures out the back, I could also shoot video. In fact, thanks to my GoPro, I could do both at the same time. Although the NS freight route was the rare mileage, I saved my limited battery and memory card capacity for the faster / more exciting eastbound Amtrak Harrisburg Line run, including the NY->Pittsburgh subway. While in theory this line does have a railfan view from the Metroliner Cab Cars, the Autumn express run would be, well, express, and who can say no to that.

We begin with our departure from the former PRR Harrisburg Station. With me in the vestibule was an older gentleman and a kid, both railfans and sources of interesting commentary. This video includes a segment of wrong railing between STATE and ROY, where we return to track #1 to pass train 43, the westbound Pennsylvanian. We then proceed to RHEEMS interlocking where we cross back over to track #2.

Now because the eastbound Pennsylvanian and a westbound Keystone needing to do their thing at Lancaster before we tied up the platform, we were put on track to and then ran at reduced speed in order to kill time. I had gone to take a nap then returned to see the train moving at Restricted speed. At the time I assumed it was a signal problem, but actually they wisely wanted to keep the foliage train moving, even at a crawl, to avoid having the lookie lous stare at the same tree for half an hour.

After the easily amused railfans got their faux arrival photos at Lancaster, we departed and proceeded to run express all the way to Newark, New Jersey. This video just captures the part through to Downingtown where I cut it to change batteries in order to get the old PRR Main Line without a disruption. Note the new PARK interlocking, the old PARK tower and the still active THORN tower. Also note the closed Irishtown Rd crossing because stimulus money.

Now this video is something special. Like I said in the previous post, because of work in BRWN MAWR interlocking, our train was routed on Track 3 eastbound through PAOLI interlocking and then on to OVERBROOK. Not only are reverse movements on Main Line track #3 (the only Rule 261 track) uncommon, but since this video was taken, both tracks 2 and 3 through Paoli station were cut and removed to make way for an island platform :-( Also included in this video is the trip through the NY-Pittsburgh Subway (although that was also included as a stand-alone in the previous post).

Because of the catastrophic backlighting, I basically gave up on video and photos after we joined the NEC. I had previously shot GoPro video on the route and didn't see a need for another, worse edition. However I did get one short segment capturing SHORE interlocking and the Frankford Jct curve.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little rare millage trek across PA. Tune in next week as I return to the NS Reading line for some close up photos with friend of Subchat, Kevin Painter.

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