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Thursday, October 20, 2016


So last fall I was invited to a little shindig down at the Jersey Shore and my route to get there passed through both 30th St Station and the critical PRSL junction of Tuckahoe, NJ. Funny how I can always turn most roadtrips into an excuse to do something rail related. Anyway, move over Chuchubob, cause I'm covering the South Jersey scene this week. You can find the set of photos here and be assured that there is more than tired signaling photos.

I had some extra time getting off the train so I walked across the Schuylkill River and down to the linear park built on the east bank. The sun was just right to generate this light show on the underside of the PRR arch bridge.

Up on top I got what would be my only photo of a SEPTA SL-V replacement lease set consisting of SEPTA cab car #2408, a cut of MARC I coaches and brand new Amtrak ACS-86 #696.

The next day I got down to Tuckahoe in time to catch the CMSL crew having lunch in the shadow of the former Reading Company TUCKAHOE tower (built 1906).

Of course PRR GP9 #7000 and CNJ GP7P #1523 on hand in front of the tower.

Unfortunately Tony informed me that the pair of LVRR painted F units would soon be departing for another shortline as their owner was moving. They had been positioned for pickup by the local CSAO freight with SLRG reporting marks. 

To replace the F's, CMSL had leaded some GP38's from GMTX, one of which, #2015, having already been delivered. I believe that the leased Geeps were origional non -2 GP38's, just like the PRSL operated, and will eventually be repainted in PRSL colors.

The old tower is looking as good as ever, however the rust on the main line rails indicates trouble down at the old power plant, which is in the process of switching to natural gas.

The "in service" RDC's (M-407 and M-410) were coupled up in the tourist trainset waiting the next operating season. 

M-409 was on the storage siding next to the old speeder barn.

One of the three Blue Comet observation coaches (Tempel) is also currently stored at Tuckahoe awaiting restoration.

Some of the former PRSL RDC's retain their NJT striping from their time working the Port Jervis Line after shore commuter operations were ended in 1983.

Fun fact, RDC's came with both fabricated and cast trucks. The first order of 6 PRSL RDC's had one type and the second order of 6 the other (I forget which is which). Currently the former M-402 has one truck of each type.

Former Conrail Alco RS3 #8481 is also stuck deep in the storage track.

I believe that one or both of their N11 cabeese have a PRSL connection. In it's twilight days, the PRSL ordered a few PRR N11's to replace some aging yet classically styled PRR N5's. Leave it to CMSL Tony to track them down and bring them home, one having lived on as Conrail #18564 and the other as Amtrak #14034.

Front view of TUCKAHOE tower. As always Tony was super cool answering questions and letting me wander around to get some photos. I really need to get out on one of his special event trains in the near future.

I'll leave you with a couple wide angle shots of the restored Tuckahoe Station complex.

Tune in next time as I head to Harrisburg to play with the levers at HARRIS tower and gawk at Amtrak's 2016 Autumn Express.

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