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Sunday, September 18, 2016

16-09-18 PHOTOS: NYC Medieval Faire

Back in September, New York City held its annual Medieval Festival in Ft Tryon Park at the upper end of Manhattan. I was invited up by a friend so I used the opportunity to grab a smattering of photos along the (A)/(C) line and around Penn Station. You can find all the photos here.

We start at 125th St on the (A)/(C) where I was looking to transfer to an (A) train after riding a (C) train express from 59th due to a GO. While I had had the poor luck to snag an R160 (C), I did see an R32 (C) across the platform.

R68 D trains were also puttering about.

Looking past the 404 signal towards the now closed 125th St interlocking tower. I think there was a service disruption because it took some time for an (A) train to show up.

The 181th St station is either located deep underground, or at street level, depending on one's point of view. It's "lower" entrance is quite the looker, while the station itself has a long mezzanine level worthy of the Blitz.

After a day at the Faire, I returned to Penn Station where I was surprised to find R46 (A)'s running local while R68 (D) trains were running on the express track to W. 4th St. Whaaaat? o.0

One of the old Penn Station Train Information boards on its last legs :-(

My Amtrak train was leaving from Track 13, with LIRR M7 #7622 across the platform staring at a Clear signal indication on the 564E signal of 'JO' Interlocking. The camera on my Nexus 5X phone allows has superb low light performance and doesn't stand out as a security threat, which has allowed me to take all the Penn Station photos I wasn't able to in the past.

Back at Baltimore Penn Station I encountered MARC MP36PH-3C #16 and Bi-level K-car #7858.

Next week I will return to NYC as I head out onto Large Island to scope out NASSAU interlocking.

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