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Sunday, September 11, 2016

16-09-11 PHOTOS: Middle Division East

Due to a re-signaling project on the venerable PRR Main Line in Pennsylvania, I declared a railfan emergency and set out with the guy who runs to document the line between Newport, PA and Lewistown, PA with intermediate stops at Thompsontown, Port Royal, Mifflin and Hawstone. I actually got very lucky that day spotting two heritage units and the usual parade of NS's EMD rich lashups and a private car on the rear of Amtrak Train 43.The downside was having to process over  1500 photos :-\ You can see them all right here.

Starting out at Enola Yard and diesel maintenance facility, we find NS SD70ACe #1183 sitting next to "to be rebuilt" UP SD90/43 #7287.

Here we see a trio (#7225, #7201 #7213) of NS SD70ACu's, what the SD90/43's are being rebuilt into, next to an un-rebuilt example, #7302.

The Enola backlot that day. I would later see some of these units hauling trains westbound on the main line.

New signals in place at CP-PORT, which I had visited earlier in the year. What really annoys me is the placement of the cantilever base within the 4-track right of way, precluding future expansion to 3 or 4 tracks! Note the 'C' boards as NS is taking advantage of the cab signal system to convert the line to Rule 562 operation. 

Even the PRR's pedestrian underpasses were of exceptional quality!

NS C44-9W #9525 and friends (SD70ACe #1095 and ES40DC #7514), passing the MP 142 intermediate at Thompsontown, PA. Looks like #1095 got hit by a paint bomb.

NS Wabash heritage unit #1070 passing the signals at CP-THOMPSON at the head of a 4-unit light engine movement. This lashup had been one of the ones spotted earlier at Enola and was now en-route to somewhere west. Other engines were SD70ACu #7319, Tier IV ES44AC #3610 and C40-9W #9131.

Well this was special. I managed to catch Amtrak Phase III heritage P42DC #145 with the eastbound Pennsylvanian meeting a westbound NS intermodal train with C44-9W #9837 leading just under the new signals at CP-THOMPSON.

NS C44-9W #9437 and the head of a doublestack intermodal train making a diverging movement at CP-THOMPSON. When the PRR Main Line was rebuilt in the late 1980's, most turnouts were upgraded to Limited Speed with the result being that freights like this one would barely need to slow down on the already curvy line.

NS C44-9W #9347 splitting the Conrail era intermediates near Port Royal.

The famous MP 151 intermediate signals at Port Royal. In a double whammy both the classic PRR PL signals and the 1910's vintage bridge are due to be removed. This will likely destroy the site's popularity as a train watching location.

An empty trash train with SD70ACe's #7248 and 1095 was parked on the signaled siding at Mifflin.

The old PRR Mifflin station is still used by NS for local freights and MoW crews.

This former Conrail C40-8W, now NS #8341, is on home turf passing through CP-MIFFLIN with a westbound string of autoracks.

Two C44-9W's and a C40-8W heading eastbound through Mifflin with #9667 in the lead and a doublestack intermodal train in tow.

NS ES44DC's #7597 and #7563 motor up the grade with a manifest freight.

View from the hill as NS C44-9W's #9381 and #9233 pass in front of the Mifflin station.

Westbound Pennsylvanian Train 43 passing under the westbound signal bridge at CP-HAWSTONE with P42DC #96 and Ohio Central private car "Sugar Creek" on the rear.

I was two for two on Pennsylvanians meeting freight trains as Train 43 met an eastbound intermodal train led by NS C44-8W #9574 at CP-HAWSTONE. 

A followup eastbound doublestack train featured BNSF C44-9W #976 sandwiched between NS C44-9W #9417 and C40-9W #9009. Like NS, BNSF was another big fan of the C44-9W.

Amtrak Lewistown, PA train station showing the current single track platform sitting in the middle of the former 4-track right of way. The Lewistown Jct train station has been restored by the PRR Technical and Historical Society and served as both a waiting area for the Pennsylvanian Service and the PRR's official historic archives.

NS ES44AC #7619 and C40-9W #9106 make some smoke as they head eastbound through CP-LEWIS.

Restored interior of the PRR Lewistown Jct train station.

At this point the sun was getting low in the sky and we were a good hours drive Harrisburg so we decided to call it a day, eventually catching the sunset around York.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Next week I head to NYC to spend the day at the Medieval Festival in Ft Tyron Park.

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