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Thursday, September 1, 2016

16-09-01 VIDEOS: Amtrak NEC

So since Amtrak moved Business Class to the rear of Regional Trains, I realized I had been rather lax in taking advantage of the previously inexpensive real window access after the point that I became equipped myself with a GoPro. However, all is not lost because thanks to the new Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card I come into regular possession of class upgrade coupons and so I have been provided with a shot at redemption.

This past Labour Day weekend I utilized one such coupon on a trip to Boston on Amtrak Regional Train #172 and was able to capture sufficient rear facing videos to cover the NEC between the Martin Airport and New York Pennsylvania Station. This will nicely dovetail with my existing video covering the Shore Line between Mill River and South Station, which I was able to complete with the Mill River to Old Saybrook segment on this run.

Due to some camera issues the first segment begins approximately at Martin Airport and continues to Wilmington. Interesting points to note includes being sandwiched by an empty NS oil train and a southbound Acela express just south of Newark, DE.

The next video begins at Wilmington with the southbound Train 79 across the platform and continued on to Philadelphia. Due to the TML operating on track 2 between HOLLY and HOOK, we have to cross over to the local track for that stretch, right before passing a southbound SEPTA local just shy of Lamokin.

The following segment is Philadelphia to Trenton. The only action here is a short NS local just west of HOLMES.

After that we run from Trenton to Metropark. This video starts off with a bang as a westbound SEPTA R7 local pulls out of Track 5 before you are lulled into a false sense of security as Train 172 creeps along at slow speed on Track 1. Does it have to do with the arriving NJT Trenton Local? Nope, we are being slow rolled to HAM so that we can be overtaken by a surprise northbound Acela Express on Track 2 just before a southbound Acela Express roars by on Track 3! After crossing over to the express track behind the AX, between there and New Brunswick you can view all the new catenary and signaling work, including two new interlockings just west of COUNTY. In addition to all that, Train 172 overtakes an NJT local pulling into New Brunswick on Track 1.

The next segment stretches from Metropark to Newark International Airport Station. Train 172 encounters a southbound Regional just after leaving the station and then another southbound NJT local at UNION interlocking.

The next video runs from Newark International Airport Station to Newark Penn Station and starts off with a little jump scare as we are passed at speed by an eastbound Keystone train on track 2. Pulling into Newark Penn there is plenty of PATH to be seen before Train 172 enters the trainshed.

In the final part of the NEC proper video series we run between the two Penn Stations, passing a southbound Coast Line and regional right after exiting DOCK interlocking. What I assume is a mid-day westbound Raritan Direct train passes with an ALP-45 just east of Secaucas just before Train 172 enters the North River Tubes and grinds to a halt, waiting for its platform at Penn Station. Feel free to skip ahead, although at this point I talk a bit with the conductor.

Finally we have the past piece of my Shore Line puzzle, New Haven (Mill River) to Old Saybrook. No trains passed us, but I assume if you look closely enough you can probably spot Fred G taking pictures somewhere along the right of way.

Thanks for watching and tune in next week as I ride the Dome car on the Downeaster.

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