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Thursday, August 28, 2014

14-08-28 PHOTOS: Hudson Line 125th Street

One might expect that the photos from my annual Labour Day trip to New Englande, but this time I took a side trip to visit fellow Subchatter Lexcieeee who happens to live in Ossining which gave me an opportunity to take some photos and videos of the Metro North Hudson Line. The first photo stop was at Oscawana Island, which is that place in Courtlandt where the 3-track Hudson line bores through a small rock ridge via two tunnels.

The next day while connecting to Boston via Amtrak at New Haven I spend an hour or so photographing the morning rush at Harlem 125th St Station. After that I wandered around the New Haven station complex a little longer than I had anticipated due to my Regional train being significantly delayed.

Finally, I took a few more photos in and around the Portland, NH area. You can enjoy the full set of photos here and also stay tuned for a special video post to follow.

We begin at Grant Central Terminal with M3 #8017

Unfortunately that Budd was not for me as I caught a Push-pull trainset to Ossining with Shoreliner cab car #6309.

After heading out to the park, the first train that showed up was the westbound Amtrak Train #49 being pulled by a beleaguered P32AC-DM #707. Heritage cars still in consist.

Following close behind was an MNRR Poughkeepsie train with P32AC-DM #206 in the lead and a red-blue set of Shoreliners behind.

Alex told me that there might be a meet and he was right as two MNRR diesel trains passed, the second pushed by P32AC-DM #217.

Not long after southbound Empire service train #242 with Amtrak P32AC-DMs #712 and #713 popped out of the tunnel on track #3.

Here is a video of both the meet and the double headed Empire train.

As we got into rush hour another northbound diesel train with MNRR P32AC-DM #212 headed north of track #2.

Soon followed by a southbound MNRR on track #3 with P32AC-DM #218.

Last but not least a more to the north end of the tunnels bagged me a rear shot of Amtrak Empire train #237.

Alex catches a M3 express train into the city with the last stop of Tarrytown. I can never pass on filming an express run, but before we opened the taps I snagged MNRR P32AC-DM pulling an outbound diesel train just north of the Tarrytown Station.

Now I didn't actually get off at 125th St. I first rode all the way into GCT to get breakfast with Lexcieeee before heading back out via the (4)/(5) to Harlem 125th St station. Once there one of the first trains I caught was an inbound push-pull set with P32AC-DM #223.

A short while later I caught this trio if inbound MNRR equipment heading towards midtown.

A few M2/4/6's were still running like #8516 here.

Here New Haven Railroad P32AC-DM #229 pulls in opposite a brand new M8 trainset.

MNRR M3 #8092 on the tail end of an inbound train on track #1.

Another M2/4/6, #8420, on inbound on track #2.

For the sake of balance here is M7 #4111.

I also have a video montage of my time at 125th, again I'll provide that in a subsuquent post. Here instead is a pic of MNRR M3 #8116 heading inbound with the brand new 432 Park tower in the background. At 1,400 feet, 432 Park is the tallest building in New York City, surpassing One World Trade Center by 32 ft. The structure was topped out in October, 2014.

Moving on to New Haven we find wreck damaged Metroliner Cab Car #9639 hanging out in the New Haven Amtrak engine terminal. Designed for the NEC, the old Metroliner cabs don't have much protection for the engineer in the event of a grade crossing collision.

P42DC's #105 and #108 were also on hand to take NEC trains up the Springfield Line under diesel power. The reason I took MNRR to New Haven instead of taking Amtrak all the way to Boston from Penn Station was because even after the price of the MNRR ticket (which was given to me by a friend who had no need for it) it still cost a good $40 less than what Amtrak was charging from Penn. Just another way to trick out Amtrak's demand based pricing scheme.

ConnDoT's New Haven backlot has quite the collection including 10 Budd SPV's and 6 FL-9's!

As my Regional Train #172 got progressivly late I was able to spend some quality time with the late great New Haven Solari board.

Eventually my train showed up and I got a video of its arrival passing a train of M8's with AEM-7 #916 in the lead.

Boston was as Boston-y as ever. Here is F40PH #1003 at North Station.

A few tracks over was brand new HSP46 #2008.

Amtrak cabbage car #90214 departs the Exeter station in the late summer twilight.

If you are looking for a photo of an ALCO, the Medium Endurance Cutter USCGC Campbell counts as it is powered by twin V-18 251 engines.

A 688-I Class sub was undergoing refit at Portsmouth Navel Shipyard. I couldn't tell which one it was however.

On a side trip I managed to catch a northbound Downeaster trainset with P42DC #81 and F40PH cabbage #90220 passing the MP 262 block signal and defect detector.

Well, the arrival of Cabbage car #90214 at Exeter marks the end of this journey as I go back on the same trainset I came out on.

Tune in next week as I return to the SEPTA Rodeo for the first time since 2011.

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