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Monday, August 18, 2014

14-08-18 PHOTOS: Cascade Corridor - Part 1

2014 was a special year because I took not one, but two big Amtrak trips, the second of which was a unique opportunity to ride the Coast Starlight on a trip from Seattle to San Diego. Unfortunately there was a small problem with Union Pacific track work that would result in a bustitution between Portland and Eugene, Oregon, however this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as our trainset that departed Seattle wound up lacking a Pacific Parlor amenity that I came to appreciate in the second half of the trip. Still, despite the lack of Parlor Car I had great fun as you can see below.

You can see the full set of photos from Seattle to Portland here. Part 1 will cover the line from Seattle to Olympia.

After departing King St station we passed under the retractable roof of Seattle's Safeco field, home of the Mariners.

The yard for both Amtrak and Sounder passenger equipment is located south of the Stadiums. Here we see Sounder F59PHI #904 waiting for the return to service.

Sounder F59PHI #903 and a large number of P42's laying over at the Seattle engine terminal.

Union Pacific GP38-2's #606 and #667 hanging out at Argo Yard. UP operates to Seattle from Portland on BNSF trackage rights.

BN painted GP39-2 #2723 with a short train south of Argo Yard.

A light engine move with BN painted GP38-2 #2075 and BNSF GP39-2R #2918 waiting for us to cross over ahead of it at TUKWILA interlocking.

The new Tukwila Sounder station was built built with a third track upgrade in mind.

The old Northern Pacific station at Kent, WA is just a few blocks south of the new one.

A large lineup of GE road units at Auburn Yard including CP ES44AC #8841.

MoW crew trimming brush south of Auburn. 

Four units in front of a doublestack trains waiting for a signal at CLEAR CREEK interlocking, including BNSF ES44C4 #6592.

ES44C4 #6592 was eventually let lose and caught back up with my train while we were stopped at Tacoma.

Tacoma Amtrak station. Sounder trains used to stop here, but switched to their own terminal a block to the north on a rail line that continues south of the city.

Northbound Amtrak Cascade Train 500 minutes from arriving in Tacoma with F40PH cabbage car #90252 and the 11th St drawbridge in the back.

Tacoma MoW yard with a Herzog slot train sitting in it.

Southern portal of the Nelson Bennett tunnel that takes the Seattle Sub under Ruston, WA and onto the banks of Pudget sound.


Old and new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

 The iconic Bridge 14 seen from the less photogenic angle.

Northern Pacific Steilacoom station just north of the ferry terminal

This tree looks like it escaped from a Bob Ross painting.

Stopped at the Olympia station a northbound Union Pacific mixed freight with a trio of EMD SD70s blasts by on the opposite track.

The Olympia station is about as close to Olympia as the Cascade Corridor gets and is actually in East Olympia. The "Centellial" Station was built and funded in 1993 by a local group that wanted to improve the bare bones bus type shelter that previously served the community.

Well that's it for Part 1. Tune in next week as we continue the trip to Portland.

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