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Friday, August 22, 2014

14-08-22 PHOTOS: San Diego Streetcar

So if you recall my last few posts I wasn't just riding the Coast Starlight for my health. Unlike many of my cross country trips I actually had a genuine reason to head out to the west coast in the form of a computer security conference in San Diego. Now I've been to San Diego before, for about 24 hours in 2013 and then a longer stay in 2009. This time the 4000 series LRV's were really making the old 1000 series U-2s scarce, however I was pleased to find that the MTS was running its PCC trolley on a downtown loop 3 days a weeks.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a downside in that I left my camera on an ISO 800 setting after a round a night photos so all the day photos look like absolute shit :-( I guess these things happen. Anyway, you can see all the photos here

We kick things off with a new 4000 series LRV arriving and departing from the Gaslamp station.

Three is a crowd at the Gaslamp station as #4015 pulls into the yard while #4023 and #4020 pass by in service.

I was actually completely unaware of the downtown loop PCC service and was taken completely by surprise when #529 pulled up.

Here is a little video montage of the PCC making its rounds.

View inside #529.

The MTS is actually looking to run a full-week PCC loop service and went as far to trade some of its old U-2 trams to some trolley museums in exchange for enough PCCs to implement it. Not a bad deal for a transit system with an LRV fleet to scrap.

Later that night I encountered giant lashup of GE units, including C44-10W #7731. blocking crossings across from the convention center as they flat switched the San Diego yard.

Video of the same.

BNSF road monsters weren't the only thing out at night. MTS trolleys were also pulling into the yard via the waterfront line.

The old U-2's weren't completely gone. I caught #1010 running around towards the end of the morning rush.

About the same time the Coaster trainsets were pulling down into the yard to wait out the mid-day period in the pleasant San Diego weather. Here Bombardier cab car #2306 leads the way.

Here we have a video of a Coaster conductor restoring the hand throw switch into the yard after F40PH-2 #2102 passes by. While that is going on U-2 tram #1010 departs Gaslamp for the yard.

All day LRV's like S-100 #2042 here, would run down the waterfront line to pull into the yard.

What's in this San Diego Yard? More like what isn't in San Diego yard. MTS LRV's, Coaster trainsets and even a San Diego and Western genset

Here we see another 4000 series LRV #4046 at the Seaport Village station.

As the afternoon wears on it's time for the evening parade back up the coast. Here coaster F40PH-2 #2102 negotiates the grade crossings along the waterfront en route to the Santa Fe Depot.

Wrapped MTS LRV S-100 $2038 sits next to #4013 at Santa Fe Depot.

Protect F59PHI #463 sits along at Santa Fe Depot. 

Twilight Surfliner F59PHI #451.

The following day I caught a special double-surfliner trainset that was used to take home crowds some sort of event (horse racing?) between here and Los Angeles. 

Head end power was provided by Amtrak F59PHI #450.

I noticed an approach indication on the northbound track 4 signal through ASH interlocking. Soon enough a rather long mixed freight with BNSF ES44C4 #6738 and C44-10W #7762 in the head.

As the sun set Coaster Cab Car #2302 and F40PH-2 #2104 arrived with an evening southbound train.

At some point I noticed my screw up with the ISO setting so I did wind up with two reasonable daylight photos. The first of Coaster Cab Car #2305 at Santa Fe Depot.

And the second of 4000 series LRV #4031 laying over also at Santa Fe Depot.

Well that's it for my big West Coast trip. With the Coast Starlight under my belt all I have left is the Sunset Limited to complete Amtrak's Great Circle route. Tune in next time as I take things back to the New York metro area as I hit up the Hudson Line with a few Subchat friends.

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