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Saturday, September 27, 2014

14-09-27 PHOTOS: SEPTA Rodeo 2014

An interesting side effect of the Silverliner II/III retirement of 2012 was that I basically lost interest in the SEPTA Rail Rodeo held each fall and open to railfans via a lottery system. I had managed to attend the Rodeo in 2010 and 2011, but not since. This year I was again cool on working to get a spot, but when a pair of tickets fell into my lap I figured it would be worth the trip and I invited Chuchubob to go with me.

Now if Chuchubob is known for anything it is managing to be everywhere something is happening in South Jersey. However I was surprised to learn that he had never before attended one of the SEPTA Rodeos so that made me feel good being able to pass it forward so to speak. The event itself was everything I had come to expect, but there were a few new surprises. You can view the entire photo set here

We begin with NJT GP40PH-2B #4206 pushing my ACL train in from an Amtrak connection at 30th St Station.

Kind of defeats the purpose to drive to a transit Rodeo so here is the tail end of the BSS train I used to get to the Fern Rock Shoppe complex.

No needs for the No Trespassing had me at 3-4-3 OX.

So what's new...this Silverliner V gearbox and axle assembly.

SL-IV gearbox components. Don't expect Timken to be the supplier of choice much longer since they were forced to sell their integrated steel business by activist shareholder douchebags.

Here we see SEPTA k-Car drive assemblies with the PCC-style resilient wheels.

Unlike last year a number of historic buses were on hand. I'm not a busfan so just leave a comment if you know/care about what these are.

The BSS testing trains were running between Fern Rock and Erie. Operators would run the trains and receive a grade for their performance. Not sure how that could accurately assess MFL and trolley operators. Anyway, here was a cool Rail Rodeo graphic posted in the two-car testing train.

Don't see this very often. Here the reverse direction signal at the north end of the southbound Erie express track was lit for our train to cross over and proceed back to Fern Rock.

Here is a video I took from the testing train as it approached Olney and then continued on through to Fern Rock and around the inner shop loop to platform back at the Rail Rodeo terminal.

After the BSS run it was time for lunch. Click for a wider view.

SEPTA has posted some information displays featuring a 1930s US&S Advert and the unused Arch St Subway.

 Over on the Regional Rail platform Silverliner V #738 and Silverliner IV #406 were on display along with a Bomber trainset hauled by ALP-44 #2308.

Annoyingly the Bomber trainset pulled out before I could get a good photo of it.

Over on the main tracks Silverliner V #724 makes a stop on the northbound platform.

Southbound R1 Airport train pulling into Fern Rock with SL-IV #348 on point.

Before I headed out I grabbed this shot of a SEPTA cab signal display unit in #406.

With a train back that same day I was rather surprised to find good old #4206 once again propelling my ACL train.

On the way back to Baltimore I grabbed a couple shots out the back of my Amtrak. These included HD coverage of the glacial third track project between YARD and REGAN.

And a clip of my train returning from a stretch of wrong railing between PRINCE and GRACE by crossing back over via GRACE and OAK.

Well that's it for now. Tune in next time as I once again head back to Georgia via Amtrak trains 79, 19 and 20.

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