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Monday, December 29, 2014

14-12-29 VIDEOS: SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip XIV

Well my web hosting is down for maintenance this week, but that doesn't matter because it's time for a Video episode and YouTube will be up and reliable even after the cockroaches have gone belly up. The subject of this video episode is the 14th Annual SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip, as seen in last week's still gallery.

In year's past I had always had to choose between shooting videos and shooting still because I only had one camera and, perhaps more importantly, one set of hands. Well that limitation has been lifted with my recent purchase of a GoPro Hero 3+ HD camera. Using its suction cup mount combined with a Silverliner V's railfan window I am able to get that up front view without needing to zoom or incurring the wrath of the crew. Also this videos are shot in 1080p HD, instead of the usual 720p generated by my still camera.

As you might remember, this year's trip ventured from Center City to Lansdale to Doylestown and then back to Wayne Jct. Originally catching a Silverliner IV train at Market East we were forcibly upgraded to an SL-V train at Temple University where my first video begins. I should mention that the sound track contains commentary from the MWT-14 participants so think of it as a bonus feature XD

Before we begin with the MWT content, I shot some test footage from the rear of an early morning PATCO train running from Haddonfield to Lindenwold. I was hoping to GoPro an inbound express run, but unfortunately due to a screwup I had the GoPro in single shot mode and failed in my attempt. Oh well, I guess there's next year :-\

The next video runs from Temple University through to Jenkintown with an unfortunate stop at North Broad...for some reason. However that is partly made up for with an express run between Fern Rock and Jenkintown. Sorry for the rattling noise, this was my first time using the suction mount.

Continuing on our outbound SL-V train makes the run from Jenkintown to Lansdale.

While the outbound train on the Doylestown Branch was SL-IV stock, the return trip brought forth another set of SL-V's. Here is a full video run down the branch from Doylestown to Lansdale.

Continuing on our inbound train runs from Lansdale to Glenside.

And finally Glenside to Wayne Junction. It's the next best thing to being there!

Now I wasn't planning to video the MFL, but I was presented with a rear facing RFW so why the hell not! It wasn't a full recording because the barrery died and then the mount kept falling off the window so that's the reason for all the jump cuts.

After transferring to a Route 10 trolley (by way of Fern Rock), I once again stuck my camer onto a window, this time facing out the back as our SEPTA K-car traveled from 19th St all the way to 63rd and Malvern. Fun times!

Just because the trip is over doesn't mean my work is finished. Here I travel back with David Greenburger and his father on their way to Woodscret where they parked and rode. I alighted early when the train reached Haddonfield.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all the videos. The GoPro is a really amazing little gizmo that will ensure a steady stream of front and rear railfan window for your viewing pleasure.

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