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Saturday, January 10, 2015

15-01-10 PHOTOS: Princeton Relocation

Well it's time to kick off the 2015 railfan year the same way I've kicked off many of the most recent railfan years, with a trip to Princeton, NJ to watch the Engineers of RPI get thrashed by the Princeton Tigers. This usually results in an extended visit to the Princeton Jct NJT station in the warning hours of the winter sunlight where I catch the evening action before I get sick and tired of being cold.

This year was the first occasion where I would actually be taking transit from the game due to the way my ride situation had worked out. As a result I have photos of both PJ and the newly relocated Princeton, NJ station. You can find the full set of photos here

We start off at Princeton Jct with ALP-46 #4621 at the head of my eastbound push-pull train.

Shuttle duties were being performed by a pair of Arrow III singles #1311 (seen here) and #1306. The shuttle pulled off the platform so that people wouldn't have the temerity to get on and warm themselves during the crew's break. The Princeton shuttle waits patiently for the outbound NJT NEC train to unload its passengers.

Did I say it was cold? Yeah, it was cold. So cold that the LCD screen on my camera starts to glitch up.

Half-hour headways meant plenty of NJT action. Here palindrome unit ALP-46 #4664 waits the buzz to depart Princeton.

Pulling out past the former PRR NASSAU tower and Princeton Substation.

While the light sucked for still photos, it still worked for video. Here is a little montage of NJT NEC Trains and Princeton shuttles moving through the Junction.

If that wasn't enough for you here is a shorter montage of Amtrak traffic blowing through PJ at speed. Sorry, I didn't really try to keep track of what train was what.

#1311 and #1306 at the new Princeton Station.

The new Princeton Station, with and without shuttle.

On my way back from the game (RPI lost), I took a corridor line train to Trenton where I shot this little video where I caught my NJT train departing on track 1 west on an Approach Medium to Morrisville Yard, an arriving SEPTA local pulling into the far station track and finally a southbound Regional on track 4 taking the Limited Clear onto track 3. Enjoy!

I'll admit this might have not been enough railfan content so here is a little bonus in the form of a Westbound NS welded rail train heading up the Port Road at the Mason Dixon line with SD40E #6336 and SD40-2 #3401 caught on New Year's Eve, 2014.

Ok, it's a little late, but Happy New Year!!

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