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Monday, December 29, 2014

14-12-29 PHOTOS: SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip XIV

Always feels a bit funny when I am posting the MWT photo set in the middle of summer, although I did manage to beat the six month mark ;-) Anyway, for those who remember this year's MWT returned to Doylestown for the first time since the very first MWT all the way back in the year 2000. The time commitment to get all the way out to the end of the R5 always discouraged me from adding it to the itinerary, however by including a headway long photo stop at Lansdale and then using D-town as the lunch stop everything worked out. The rest of the trip included a stop at Wayne Jct, a trip on the Route 75 and finally a Route 10 trip out to Overbrook to return via the PRR leg of the R5.

This was the first year with my new GoPro camera which I was able to use to great effect both on the railfan window of our Silverliner V equipped trains and also the MFL and Route 10 vehicles. You can find all the still photos here, but stay tuned for the video in a separate post.

Starting out on a reverse peak train to Lansdale, our Silverliner V threaded its way past the Huntington conga line of trains waiting to cram their way into Roberts Yard to pay over until the evening rush. Here we see an inbound train with SL-V #864 passing the backup on track #1 including SL-IV #144.

The train with #144 was actually third in line to enter the yard...hence the term.

Back in that first MWT the small group of 4-6 people managed to get invited into the cab of the Silverliner IV on the trip up. This time our SL-V provided the railfan view for "free". Here we see SL-IV #184 at the Wayne Jct double slips.

Having arrived at Lansdale I grabbed this shot of SL-V #882 on the rear of our train as it leads off to Link Belt.

The inbound train with SL-IV #412 soon arrived from the same intermediate terminal.

In the Lansdale freight yard a variety of Penn Northern power was laying over. Penn Northeastern hauls local freight on the SEPTA-owned former Reading Bethlehem Branch. Here is former CN GP-9RM #7210.

Also hanging out was a properly painted PN SD40-2W #5342.

And former Conrail C39-8 #8212.

With the original Reading era substation sitting in the parking lot one is able to listen to the transformers as trains go on and off load on the Doylestown Branch.

Heading up the Doylestown Branch we encounter #882 again laying over on the new Link Belt siding. Previously every other R5 train would terminate at Lansdale, but a new siding was built on the D-Town branch so that the Colmar Park and Ride could get half hourly service.

The small Doylestown Substation had been out of service for over a decade after being damaged by a fire in the 1990's. This resulted in a power restriction for the entire branch as it had to be fed soely from the Lansdale Sub. Recently SEPTA received funding to repair the substation and restored the Branch to full service.

The D-Town branch re-sigaling project not only included the new Link Belt siding, but a second siding at Doylestown itself that not long allows trains to pass at the terminal, but also allowed yard moves to move through an interlocking instead of hand throw switches. Previously DOYLE had been a controlled point entrance signal onto the branch.

Here is out SL-IV train to Doylestown with #154 laying over for the inbound trip.

After lunch we returned to the Doylestown Station to find a SL-V train waiting to take us back to Wayne Jct.

Approaching Jenkintown we passed an outbound SL-V train with #867.

Group photo at Wayne Jct in front of the restored head house. Thanks to all the people who attended!!

View from the end of the Main Line platform looking towards the Wayne Electric Shoppes, with the CHE branch heading off to the left.

SL-IV #126 on the back of a train departing Wayne Jct.

Inbound R1 Airport train arriving Wayne Jct with SL-IV #432.

BSS car #556 at the 8th and Market Ridge Line station.

After weaving in and out of the city on the MFL and BSS I got this photo of the Fern Rock ready yard.

Heading out on the Route 10 our trolley was stalked by K-Car LRV #9079 all the way out.


Wreath adorned K-Car #9103 with #9088 behind at the 63rd St loop.

#9079 again approaching and entering 63rd St loop.

An R5 express train with SL-V rolling through Overbrook as the light fades.

Followed by a local with SL-IV #106.

And then inbound R5 local headed up by SL-IV #303.

And we'll end with some GoPro footage of the same.

Like I said there is a lot of additional long format video material from this trip that I will present in a later post. Again thanks to all that attended and I hope to see you back again next year.

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