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Friday, August 9, 2013

13-08-09 PHOTOS: Summer Fun

Over the course of my various photo outings there occur from time to time small numbers of photos in larger sets that don't really have much else that's worth posting. So as time goes by these bits and pieces add up until I actually have enough for some semblance of a photo post and here it is.

Most of what follows was captured along the CSX Philly Sub as I went out to document the B&O CPL signaling that was undergoing replacement earlier this summer. The rest were taken while puttering around doing activities in August.

We begin with a video as CSX ES44AC #780, SD70MAC #4805, C44-10W #5428 rolls eastbound past the STEPNEY automatic CPL signal on the former B&O Philadelphia Subdivision with a single stack COFC train.

Moving on to the CLAYTON automatic CPL at milepost 74 we find that the big ticket road freight engines have taken the day off to be replaced by local power SD40-2 #8368 and SD40-3 #4015 with a string of autoracks.

Moving on to the milepost 80 WHITEMARSH CPL automatic we catch C40-8 #7516, one of the dwindling number of standard cab GE units, at the head of a long train of hoppers.

In the #2 position was AC4400 #159 as #7516 takes the signal. Doesn't look like the AC is working on old #7516 either.

Maryland MTA LRV #5019 at the Convention Center station after an O's game.

CSX ES44AC #702 heading westbound on the Old Main Line near Lisbon, MD at the MP 36 automatic signal with a string of empty coal cars.

ES44AC #978 was in the #2 position.

If you were wondering why railroad enthusiasm seems be so male oriented it's probably because all the ladies are off hanging out with meat horses. The OML MP 36 automatic is near the stable where my friend is the only guy with a horse. Here is one of the other horses that live there, Chance E Pants, a riot control sized Clydesdale. To put that into railroad terms he would be like an AC6000 or DD40AX.

To put his size in perspective here Chance is with some friends. All of these horses were adopted from Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

BTW if you're ever driving down I-95 in Virginia I highly recommend a stop at the new National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico.

Also if you happen to be in Baltimore over the summer check out Artscape, the country's largest free arts festival where you can find things like this wire dragon sculpture for sale. It's a lot more interesting than Bronycon.

Anyway I'll be back next week with photos from my Peninsular Campaign.

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