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Saturday, August 24, 2013

13-08-24 PHOTOS: Bush Movable Bridge

Amtrak has always been a political creature and often has to curry favor with those that might not be its biggest supporters. Over the years Amtrak has named a P42 after former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and also named an interlocking after the 40th President of the United States Ronald Ragan. Well drawing from the same playbook Amtrak has upped the ante naming another interlocking and movable bridge after the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States.

No matter your politics the Bush movable bridge is a fantastic photo location if you can ever find the way to get out there. More accessible from a public boat launch on the south side the Bush movable bridge is only scheduled the open on Saturdays between May and September, once in the morning and once in the evening and only if boats are waiting. This low degree of usage allows Amtrak to prioritize the structure for rail traffic and opening the small bascule span requires the rails to be unbolted by MoW crews.

After an unrelated visit to Susquehannock State Park I tried to catch the Saturday evening opening, but alas arrived too late for it, if it even happened at all. However I was able to get some great photos of the bridge and a couple of Amtrak trains that passed over it. You can find these and other photos right here.

We begin with southbound Amtrak Silver Service train with HHP-8 #659 crossing the bridge.

Here we see a video of Amtrak Regional Train #163 with AEM-7 #936 heading southbound over the Bush River drawbridge. Note the noise of the train hitting the drawspan.

In this video we see Amtrak Regional Train #192 with AEM-7 #909 heading northbound over the bridge.

If you are wondering where all the white gunk and sticks came from here on the northbound home signal of BUSH interlocking the perpetrator is sitting standing atop his or her handiwork. As you can see PRR position light signals make for great Osprey habitat.

 View through the concrete arches on the Bush Bridge.

Zoom shot through the other set of arches as a boat passes under the closed draw span.

Video showing the light playing off the water under the bridge.

Southbound Acela Express with power car #2033 heading over the bridge.

I'll finish with another shot of the Osprey using his zoom vision to check out me while I use mine to take a photo of him.

Next week its time for another trip to New Hampshire.

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