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Friday, July 5, 2013

13-07-05 VIDEOS: JZ HD

So last week I posted the still photos I took when I came out to NYC in July to ride the summer special R32s on the JZ. This week I have a special video post that will shot off the longer video pieces I shot during the trip. Despite the extended and deathly boring local service I stuck it out and shot two full trips of the line, one in each direction between the Jamaica Center and Broad Street.

Here is the eastbound trip from Broad to Jamacia. This was actually shot on two different runs with the subway part being in an R32 and the El part being in an R42. While this includes a GO express run from Myrtle to Broadway Junction we had to run at restricted speed which increased moving time from 40 minutes to 44 minutes.

Here is the return trip on a single R32 from Jamaica Center to Broad.

Finally, I have an extra special J/Z Express Run from Marcy all the way to Broadway Junction. Because the GO was in effect, but the track workers had taken down the flags we were able to proceed through the work zone at normal speed.

On the second eastbound trip with the R32 I actually ran into another young railfan, but he wasn't a SubChatter. I unfortunately forgot his contact info. If that person happens to see this post please drop me a line.

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