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Saturday, July 12, 2008

08-07-12 PHOTOS: Trains, Planes and Streetcars

On a Saturday last July I decided to go pick up a friend from the airport by way of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. As that did not kill enough time I then went and waited with a friend on the glidepath of BWI Runway 10, just where it crosses the NEC to watch her plane land. By the end of the day I was able to fan light rail, heavy rail and aircraft. A fine example of sort of coordinated multimodel fanning that is possible in th 21st century.

 All of the photos can be found on this page. The most interesting of those and additional Youtube clips can be found below. 

Starting with the BSM they had most of the fleet out and running presenting a very colorful show that was very heavy on the yellow. Here we have PCC 7303, rebuilt single truck trolley #4533 and 1930's car #6119. (Dan Lawrence can fill in the details ;-) ) 

Recently puchased Philly PCC car #2168 has been re-guaged and is sitting on the new yard track in front of the museum. 

 The BSM's snow sweeper was also out on display.

  #4533 returns from a run passing under the CSX Philly line overpass. 

 Cab of #4533 at the end of the line with the old M&P roundhouse visible out th window. 

 BSM #4533 passes ex-PTC #2728 still on the Philly guage track in the BSM storage area. 

 Here's a video documenting the complete trip from the 28th St loop back to the carbarn. 


Moving onto heavy rail here is a video of a Regional train passing under the BWI runway 10 glidepath.


Finally we move onto the planes. BWI is a big Southwest hub and here is the special Italian themed Southwest painted 737 making a landing on Runway 10.

Here you can see how the glidepath passes over the NEC. With Southwest offering $49 flights to LAG and Boston Logan from BWI Amtrak might consider positioning an anti-aircraft gun or large net here. 

 Here is my friend's plane landing in a US Airways E-Jet. The pilots are clearly aren't as familiar with BWI as the Southwest crews and thus appeared to be having a bit of trouble dealing with the crosswinds. 

Here's some videos of Jets landing on Runday 10. 


Thanks for watching! 

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