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Friday, July 11, 2008

08-07-11 PHOTOS: Savage Interlocking

Last summer I was meeting a friend after work and I was able to pop around and take some pictures at Savage Interlocking on the CSX Capitol Sub on the old B&O Main Line between Baltimore and DC.

In addition to freight traffic this is the route of the MARC Camden Line service that runs in both directions in the morning and evening peak periods. The interlocking is a simply crossover, but features B&O CPL bracket mast signals at both ends. The signal on the south end is also the distant for the signals at PA Tower interlocking and so have the extra orbitals for Approach Medium and Medium Approach Medium.

As usual the set of photos can be seen here

Here are a sample of photos that should have some general interest appeal.

I arrived in time to see the tk2 northbound CPL displaying clear for the 4:45ish Camden Line train.

Shortly there after the train rolled through lead by MARC 61 and 56 running elephant style.

Bringing up the rear was 7753. The 4 car train was entirely single level.

Is that a solar eclipse? No, just a backlit CPL.

The southbound bracket was also pulled up, but the next scheduled southbound MARC train was expected outside my time horizon. Looks like they might need to get the tree trimmers out soon before the 1tk signal is completely overgrown.

Well that's it for this set. Thank god this line was re-signaled in the early 90's before CSX started putting Darth Vaders in :-(

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