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Monday, January 2, 2006

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You might know me from my my now well established Position Light blog on railroad signaling, but for over a decade now I have been reliably posting railfan content of a non-signaling nature week after week primarily on Subchat and since 2006 on a Live Journal account, because back in 2006 if you wanted a happening social network / blog it was Live Journal.  Well since that time people interested in sharing content with their friends have migrated to Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter and Google+ and there are many more blogging platforms to choose from including this one that is not only well integrated with the world's most powerful search engine, but also provides things like viewership statistics and the ability to monetize.

Anyway, in order to reach a wider audience with content I have already produced I am going to begin the process of transferring all of my old Live Journal material over to Blogger.  I might even try my hand at trying to dig up some of my very old posts from the SubTalk archives or simply reproduce them with a modern level of quality via "Classic" postings.

That reminds me. for the uninitiated reader my posts come in several flavours.  The first are PHOTO posts, which are pretty much the standard fare with a narrated photo essay of the particular railfan photo set.  Next are VIDEO posts which have an emphasis on video materials, although some photos may be sprinkled here and there. Finally there are CLASSIC posts which are usually Photo posts only using old photos that have been remastered with modern techniques and resolutions and a brand new narration.  While this blog will never see the need for re-doing material first posted here, the CLASSIC label will signify a more up to date take on content that at least pre-dates 2006.

I will try to post things in order here starting in 2006 and working forward to the present day with CLASSIC photo sets as necessary.  Any photo sets that were of a signaling nature will be put onto the Position Light blog, and if already there, simply skipped over.  For the first year or so of the LJ archive, photos will have been taken by by my old old 3.2MP/3x Zoom  camera.  Photos dating from December 2006 through December 2011 were taken by my 7MP/10x zoom camera and photos after December 2011 are from my 12MP / 35x Zoom camera.

Finally, I may use the posts here as a way to begin linking over to my Picasa  gallery instead of my independent web host., but that remains to be seen.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy it and check back regularly because once I get it going I should be posting frequently to clear through the 7 years of backlog.

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