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Monday, January 16, 2006

06-01-16 PHOTOS: Amtrak Downeaster Trip

As part of my salute to unemployment Northeast tour I took a round trip on the Downeaster on MLK day with fellow Subchatter Alex Lu. I already posted about the trip, but here are the much anticipated photos. Most of the photos come from our two hours freezing our asses off in the 18o weather at Haverhill, MA. For those of you who forget we took an express train out to Havelhill and then waited for the Downeaster to come. We were able to photograph our original train and the one after b4 the Amtrak came.

Photos can be seen at:

Crossing the Merimack River bridge. Interrior cab car cabs provide great photo-ops and I regret not 

taking advantage of it more.

Cab car on our express train after it relayed noth of the station and pulled in on the opposite track.

Our original train departs past the classic GRS searchlight signal in the Rule 251 ABS territory.

Messerschmidt Cab Car on the next MTBA train heads into the train station after the relay move north of the station.

F40 #1012 on the back of the 9:20 departing train.  BTW I should mention it was about 10 degrees out and the between out outbound MTBA train and the Downeaster was well over an hour.  Even with a stopover in a cafe for breakfast my friend and I were fucking cold by this point.

Alex and I run to catch the Downeaster as it spots at the far end of the platform at the Mini-Hi grateful for a chance to warm our hands.

Brand new Downeaster terminal at Portland.

 Amtrak was able to get about 4-5 round trips from only two trainsets, which allowed NEPRA to run the service with minimum state subsidy, but even on this shoestring budget a protect P42DC engine was kept on hand in Portland.  Here engine #93 stands guard at Portland.

Our own P42 engine #103 sitting next to the Portland crew base.

Control Point signal and the Downeaster terminal showing the active trainset along side the protect engine.

Guilford Rail System high nose GP40 #374 near Portland.

The disused PT Tower at Portland Yard.

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