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Sunday, January 15, 2006

06-01-15 PHOTOS: Boston Line - Lake Shore Limited

First part of my recent Salute to Unemployment Northeast Tour. Here are photos from the trip on the Lake Shore Limited . We departed ALB on time and arrives BOS 5 min early. We met the opposing Lake Shore at Springfield and did a "shuffle" at CP-109.

Photos at:

At Albany, the 448 shuttle meets train 48 accross the platform for the convienance of passengers. However track 1 does not connect to the old B&A Post Road branch so 448 must pull forward through CP-142, then reverse onto the main track then pull out again onto the post road. Here are train gets a MEDIUM APPROACH signal to reverse.

Here the Lake Shore's power has been replaced with Dual-Mode engine 711 for the run to Pig station. Interesting how the intruduction of Dual Modes have only moved the power change from Croton to Albany.

4 inches of snow the night before makes things pretty.

The "shuffle" at CP-109 is a common move due to the mostly single track nature of the line and poor CSX dispatching. A train was blocking the main track and there was already a train passing it on the siding. We had to pull in, stop, wait for the opposing train to pass, reverse and then proceed forward again. 

A train of CSX autoracks lead by SD70MAC #4799 was waiting for us to clear up at CP-100.

 A pair of CSX GP40-2's #6227 and #6235 sat in West Springfield Yard.

 The jet blower was out at CP-99

My train's engine, P42DC #166, at Springfield.

Pretty sky at CP-64.  Note the new Darth Vader type signals with the Rule 562 'C' boards.  This interlocking was re-signaled in conjunction with a siding extension project that also involved CP-60 to the east.

Night falls at Warchester's CP-45.

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