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Saturday, June 4, 2016

16-06-04 PHOTOS: AEM-7 Faux Farewell Fantrip

In the middle of June I had an opportunity to go down to Baltimore and since I would be forced to miss the big AEM-7 fantrip due to my 2016 Amtrak Sunset Limited trip I decided to take the train in order to catch the last active Amtrak AEM-7's laying over in the Baltimore Penn Station area (in the company of HHP-8's I might add). I was also armed with a class upgrade coupon which would allow me to avail myself of the railfan window on the rear of the Amtrak train. The full set of photos from the trek are included, starting with PATCO, then moving to the 30th St parking garage before I eventually arrived at Baltimore. You can view they all here.

We start off at the Haddonfield PATCO station. There was a whole bunch of single-tracking going on with Vickers car #271 departing eastbound on the westbound track.

A short while later Budd married pair car #239 arrived in the proper direction.

My own then hit its own patch of wrong railing between Ferry Ave and Broadway.

SEPTA Silverliner V #723 at 30th St station.

The evolving Philadelphia Skyline.

Power in Amtrak's Race St engine terminal consisted of MoW GP38-2's #722 and #721, Phase III Heritage unit #145 and ACS-86 #657.

ACS-86 #615 was hanging out in the Penn Coach Yard along with Metroliner Cab Car #9641 and NEC camera car #10005.

Amtrak's TLM was hanging out on station track 10 while P42DC #97 and GP38-3H #521 sit on the engine serving tracks. 

GP15D #577 pushes 2 Amfleets onto one of the Penn Coach Yard tracks. 

Here is a GoPro clip out the rear of the Amtrak train as it travels from Arsenal to Baldwin.

Because of my Sunset Limited trip I was unable to attend the big AEM-7 farewell fantrip. However, in Baltimore on June 11th, 2016 I was able to do something that will likely never be possible again. I caught an AEM-7, an HHP-8 and an ACS-86 all from the same platform at about the same time. Actually, there were two HHP-8's, MARC #4911 and #4913.

Three if you count the one waaaaaay at the opposite end of this peak-period trainset with bi-level Kab Car #7853.

AEM-7AC #946 was clicking away at the end of its trainset on track #4.

If you need some soothing railfan white noise feel free to loop this video.

Finally ACS-86 #608 arrives with Train 97, the southbound Silver Meteor.

Well thanks for watching! See you next week.

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