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Saturday, June 18, 2016

16-06-18 PHOTOS: Desirable Streetcars

New Orleans has come a long way since it was destroyed in 2005. By the time of my visit in 2009, all three of the streetcar lines were back up and running. Six years later a new line had been built to serve the Union Passenger Terminal and another line was under construction to serve the French Quarter.

When I visit New Orleans in 2015, my friend I was staying with lived in the 7th Ward, which was not served by the current streetcar system. However she since moved to Mid-city, only a block from the Carrollton Ave junction on the Canal St line, so this year when I traveled into downtown I could do so in style. You can find the full set of New Orleans streetcar photos here.

We begin at Carrollton Jct with outbound Red car #2014 destined for the City Park branch about a block away from making the turn.

A bit of a jam up soon occurred after I was picked up by Red car #2006, as outbound Red car #2012 met inbound Cemeteries car #2001.

Canal St Line Red Car #2009 traverses the still new junction with the new Loyola Ave - Union Station branch.

#2009 then fight through traffic on Canal St to turn off onto the Loyola Line.

Passengers pouring out of Red car #2006 at Baronne St.

Waterfront Red car #462 passing by Jackson Square.

New Orleans supports another batch of historic streetcars that pre-date both electricity and rails. 

By the time I finished up in the tourist zone the sun had set. Here Red Cars #2006 and #2013 pass at Decatur St on that warm summer night.

Back at Carrollton Jct, waiting for Red car #2023. As you can see from the sign the Canal St line Cemeteries branch is route 47 while the City Park branch is route 48.

Operator's console on #2006.

Red car #2022 at the Tonti St crossover.

The new Rampart St line to serve the French Quarter is taking shape!

Red car #2006 at Burbon St.

Green car #910 making the turn onto Canal. I didn't have much time to ride the historic Green cars this time around. Back in 2015 the entire St. Charles street line was suit down for repair.

Video of #910 making its turn.

Passengers boarding Loyola bound Red car #2008 at Burbon St.

Following close behind, Red car #2001 crossing the connection to the St. Charles line near Burbon St.

Red car #2019 at the new Rampart Jct.

You know what they say, always a car in sight, or in this case four!

Red car #2015 at Loyola Jct, showing the proximity to Rampart Jct.

Finally back where I started at Carrollton Jct, getting off Red car #2001.

To wrap things up, here is another night shot of Waterfront car #462 passing behind the levy near Jackson Sq.

Well that's definitely it for my 2016 Amtrak Cross Country trip related photos. Next week we resume regular service with a booring old trip up the NEC.

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