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Monday, January 25, 2016

16-01-25 PHOTOS: NE See Snow

In January 2016, the Northeast was hit by a massive snow storm dumping some 20-30 inches of snow in some places. As luck would have it I had previously scheduled a trip to Boston that allowed me to avoid the worst of the storm (one of the few times traveling to Boston actually decreased the chance of snow). While returning back down south I was able to capture some of the still ongoing efforts to dig out of the storm from the side of my AX train.

You can view the entire set of photos here.

A few days before the storm there is no sign of trouble in Boston as Amtrak ACS-86 #615 delivers me to South Station.

MTBA Green Line Type 8 #3884 and Type 7 #3617 seen here at the Boston University station on the 'B' Line.

The Boston University Bridge was assembled from steel components provided by the Phoenix Bridge Company of Phoenixville, PA in 1927.

This bridge actually spans both the Charles River and the Grand Junction Railroad bridge. The Grand Junction Railway is the only link connecting the "North" (Boston and Maine) and "South" (B&A/New Haven) rail networks. Today it is mostly used by the MTBA and Amtrak to shift trainsets.

The north end of the bridge was home to a very vocal flock of geese (and a homeless encampment).

Additional geese and ducks lived in the nearby Charles River.

The Saturday-Sunday storm dropped about 7 inches in Boston, but the larger totals south of the city snarled Amtrak traffic and the system was only just starting to reboot by Monday morning. This is in contrast to the Winter of 2014/15 where Boston was pretty much alone in suffering from repeated snowfall. Here a Type 7 departs Boston University Station with its platforms shoveled and salted.

Evidence of the big drop started appearing in Penn Station as seen with NJT Comet V cab car #6044.

NJT ALP-45 #4509 in the Hudson layover yard.

PATH workers clearing snow from switches the old fashioned way.

Amtrak ACS-86 #610 with a face foll of snow at DOCK.

CSX SD40-2 #8830 and NS SD40-2 #3376 teamed up in Conrail Shared Assets service to clear snow from the Meturchen Yard.

A pair of NS GP38-2's #5285 and #5283 waiting to get onto the NEC at MORRIS.

Amtrak's Wilmington Shop forebay populated by new ACS-86's, old AEM-7's and MARC HHP-8's.

All sorts of NS power stacked up at Bayview yard including SD70M-2 #2733, C40-9W #9166, standard cab SD70 #2532 and C40-10W #7678.

Bi-level MARC K-cab car #7854 at Baltimore Penn Station.

Snowbound CHARLES interlocking with departing Amtrak AC power car #2033.

Well that's it. Tune in next time as we travel to upstate NY where I found a distinct lack of snow (as compared with a year earlier.)

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