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Friday, January 1, 2016

16-01-01 PHOTOS: Elkton

In the no-mans-land between SEPTA and MARC territory sits a little forlorn station called Elkton. The last train service to Elkton, Amtrak's Chesapeake commuter service ended in 1983 and since then a lot of talk about bridging the gap between SEPTA and MARC has generally been for naught. However, the little station and its platforms still await the return to service.

You can see the set of Elkton photos along with some others covering the NJT ACL and PATCO right here.

Built in 1934 the Elkton Station shares make architectural features with other PRR builtings of the era, notably interlocking towers at WINSLOW, YORK, JERSRY, BROWN OVERBROOK and a number of other locations. These include the brickwork, slate roof, copper flashing and eves.

A light was on inside and it appeared that the building was used as a base for Amtrak MoW and CnS crews. 

The station was equipped with track tunnel for passengers to reach the southbound platform. However knowing the wasteful nature of today's public works projects I am sure that any new station would probably have to involve an elevator based ADA bridge. You know, because ramps are too reliable.

Vintage light fixtures were still in place under the platform shelter. Alert Kevin Walsh!

The southbound platform shelter complete with sealed tunnel access and bench.

449 intermediate signals just south of Elkton.

Amtrak ACS-86 #651 passing through Elkton with a southbound Regional.

What will probably be my last Amtrak ride behind an AEM-7 took place before MLK Day with #919 doing the honors.

Southbound Atlantic City Line being pushed away from the Cherry Hill station by PL42 #4013.

This was soon followed by a northbound train hauled by PL42 #4001.

#4001 departing Cherry Hill and taking the Medium Clear signal at SOUTH RACE.

My first ride in one of the rebuilt PATCO cars. Here is the interior, operator's console and cab signal display.

Video showing the downgraded railfan view and cab signal operation.

PATCO rebuilt #1048 at 8th and Market.

Well that's it for this week. Happy New Year and all that. Next time we encounter snow on the NEC.

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