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Sunday, December 27, 2015

15-12-28 VIDEOS: GoPro Nostalgia Train

In previous posts I have lamented the growing crowds on the Holiday Nostalgia Train. Moreover, a number of MTA busy bodies see fit to place children in front of the railfan window no matter their order of arrival. Until now the method of dealing with these problems had either been complaint or shamelessness, but now there is a technological fix. Thanks to miniaturized HD cameras and suction cup technology, I no longer have to press my face to the front window to shoot video through the front window.

This would be my third go at videoing the Holiday Nostalgia Train. The first was in standard def. The second in high def and this one would be in Go Pro high def with a fixed mount. For this one a fortuitous placement of a red holiday bow on the front of the train allowed part of the RWF to remain reflective creating an in-camera picture-in-picture effect so you can watch the reaction of myself and others as the train proceeds on its run.

First up is the first run of the day, Second Ave to Queens Plaza. I have to give some credit to the kids because they actually knew my videos and also knew me by voice! Not often I get to meet some of my fans. Thanks guys, you make all the effort worthwhile.

Of course here is the return trip from Queens Plaza to 2nd Ave. Due to some unexplained delays, this run took six minutes longer. The highlight of this run actually occurs at the very end. Because of the Museum Annex triplexes, our train was signaled into the 2nd Ave platform over two R/R/Y Call-on signals, complete with manual key-by.

I could stop here, but I also an additional pair of Nostalgia Train videos showing the old school door operation involving the conductor standing between the card. The first video is shot from inside the train as it pulls into 6th Ave.

The second shows the conductor from the platform as the train relays at Queens Plaza.

Well that's it. Tune in next time for the famous SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip, 2015 edition.

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