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Sunday, December 20, 2015

15-12-20 PHOTOS: BSM Annual

Every year as Christmas begins to roll around I make a point to visit Ye Olde Baltimore Streetcar Museum as their seasonal Santa runs provide an extra dose of photographic subject matter. Although the content of museums tends to change slowly over time, in recent years the BSM's collection has been expanding at a rapid clip as it acquired a number cast offs from SEPTA's back lot so at the very least I wouldn't be photographing the exact same equipment in the exact same places.

Unfortunately it was during this visit that I learned that Dan Lawrence had passed away in October of 2015. I hadn't been able to run into Dan at the BSM for the better part of a decade, but I always asked if he was around. Whatever issues people had with his personally this is a huge loss to the community, although I suspect his grandson will be able to step into Dan's role if he wants. You can find all the photos here.

The BSM sweeper C-145 sits adjacent to former NSC PCC #26. The weather was great for a mid-December afternoon.

I could not recall seeing #26 out and about the last time I had visited. Maybe we'll get to see it in operation sometime soon.

PCC #7404, a BTC survivor, is of course the BSM's original PCC car.

Funny how 5 120v light bulbs, wired in series, equals the 600 volts of most trolley systems. Coincidence? 

SEPTA PCC #2168 was once again performing the task of shuttling young children to their meeting with Santa at the 28th St loop.

BTC #6119 was providing the non-Santa service.

If you were wondering how 2168 got to its new position off the backed up!

#6119 passing the sweet gum tree north of the B&O bridge.

W-61 was one of two pieces of self propelled SEPTA work equipment that had appeared since my last visit.

There wasn't much left of SEPTA PCC #2647, which had arrived with major structural problems and then allowed to rot on a storage track. The superstructure had been scrapped as a safety measure, but the broken frame rusted on.

W-56 was an old SEPTA crane car.

The hot trolley pole mount situated just inches from the cab door was a shocking example of NoOSHACompliance.

Truck of W-56...for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

The lineup in front of the museum as the sun sets on another holiday related activity.

Tune in next week as I learn to Keep on the Sunnyside of life.


  1. Hi Jersey Mike. I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for mentioning my dad and thinking of him. I'm Dan Lawrence's older daughter Karen. (and yes, his grandkids all so far like trains and streetcars - my 2 year old is driving a toy train around the living room floor making choo-choo-chug-chug noises as I type.)

    1. Which is the grandson who talks just like him? That kid was amazing!

    2. It's either Logan (my sister's youngest) or Eric (my oldest) - how long ago did you meed the grandkid in question? :)