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Saturday, June 20, 2015

15-06-20 PHOTOS: Worcester

Derived from the Latin root "Chester" meaning castle, the pronunciation of Worcester has been twisted over time from Wor-chester into Wor-cester, Wooster, Woostah and finally, it's current pronunciation, Gritty Old Mill Town. Located about an hour east of Boston, Worcester used to be a center of new Englande industry, pumping out both textiles and precision products. Today little of that is left, the mills converted into community colleges and inexpensive lofts for people who can't afford to live in Boston. Still, one indication that Worcester is on the rebound is its fabulous downtown train station, rehabilitated in 1999 for both the extended MBTA service and as a civic event space.

Today I will take a look at the Worcester Union Station complex including both CSX, MBTA and P&W services. You can find the full set of photos here

Worcester Union Station was built in 1911 by the New York Central railroad with the Providence and Worcester and New Haven being other important tenants.

The main hall can be reserved for events like this wedding that was underway behind the white curtain.

Just south of the station, Conrail established an intermodal terminal on its Boston Line. Today the terminal is operated by CSX and I found AC4400 #439 idling ahead of a cut of doublestacks.

At the western end of the station platform are the signals for Boston Line interlocking CP-45. The 'C' lamps are for the Rule 562 cab-signal only operation which is in place between Framingham and CP-187.

When I got up to the platform level it started to rain, slightly degrading this shot of SRS Doodlebug #125 that was hanging out west of the station.

Behind it was CSX ES44AC-H #736.

Part of the B&A platform was raised when MBTA service was extended. The P&W platform is now used for outdoor restaurant seating.

CSX AC4400 #439 was occasionally making some odd chugging noises.

The old platform and Amtrak station is still in place and perhaps still used by longer MBTA trains.

Hanging out in the ready yard were three generations of MBTA power. Oldest was F40PH-2C #1029.

On the adjacent track was GP40MC #1122.

And finally brand new HSP-46 #2032 was on the far track.

Family photo including MBTA F40PH-2C #1055.

Ass end of CSX AC4400 #439 showing off some cleanitti. I don't care what people say, it's art!

CSX C44-10W #5250 pulling into Worcester with a welded rail train.

New Haven interlocking tower SSM333 stands silently by.

A bit of class waiting outside the station. Shame it isn't there to drop someone off for a connection to the 20th Century Limited.

The P&W has no been shy about leaving its mark on the area.

That's it for today. Tune in next week as Chuchbob and explore a Philly odd couple in the throws of a divorce.

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