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Sunday, June 7, 2015

15-06-07 PHOTOS: Irvine

Well it is finally time to begin my 2015 Amtrak Cross country* trip. This year I was down to the last of my priority routes, the Sunset Limited running from LA to New Orleans. Unlike the last time I was in LA to ride the Southwest Chief, this time I started the trip in Irvine, CA instead of San Diego as I had a group of friends in the OC. Also, the trip would not technically be "cross" country as I would return from NOLA via Southwest instead of Amtrak's Crescent due to the cost of that train and the lack of scenery.

Anyway the whole journey begins at the Irvine, CA Amtrak/Metrolink station and continues on to the LA Union Passenger Terminal, which I have discussed before. You can see all the photos from this set right here.

When I pulled up in my Uber I was just in time to catch a northbound Metrolink train with Rotem cab car #657 on point.

The two track station was built on the former ATSF main line to San Diego and featured an overhead walkway to reach the northbound track, on which the Metrolink train sat. Forgot about making a close connection at this station.

Metrolink MP36PH-3C #890 was providing the power.

I was in the station getting some interior photos when a southbound Surfliner train pulled in with Superliner Cab Car #9606 in the trailing position.

The former ATSF line was still outfitted with ATS, as seen here at TINKHAM interlocking, permitting 90mph speeds.

Irvine Amtrak station was constructed next to the former Marine Corps Air Base El Toro.

Sign evidence of the old ATSF.

Apparently out west trumpet flowers grow on bushes instead of vines.

Soon my northbound Surfliner arrived, propelled by Superliner Cab Car #6953.

I usually do my cross country trips in the middle of the week, but this time I was attempting a Sunday run. I was put on notice of impending doom when my Surfliner train had two Amercian Orient Express PV's on the rear behind the engine.

Although the engine was my old friend Phase III heritage P42 #145.

LAUPT as seen from across the street after a short journey to get some Peruvian chicken to eat back in the first class lounge.

A wee bit of Gold Line action while riding the cart out to my train. Due to congestion in Texas my Train 2 was departing 2 hours early at 8pm.

P32-8WH #503 was towing the Train 2 trainset in from the yard. Unfortunately this is where I saw what was immediately behind it. A private car going all the way to New Orleans and completely ruining my ability to generate photo content.

Power on the head end was being provided by Amtrak P42's #39 and #85.

Not sure where all the Surfliner F59PHIs were. P42 #159 was on the set that pulled in opposite to my train.

Banished to the side window here my train is passing Terminal Tower, west coast edition.

And later Mission Tower and the west terminal diamonds where the entire LA rail scene comes together.

Well that's it. For the next few weeks turn in to a rather sparse selection of photos across the Southern Tier of the United States.

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