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Thursday, March 27, 2003

03-03-27 CLASSIC PHOTOS: MNRR New Haven Line

10 years before it was hobbled by derailments and speed restrictions the New Haven Line was a pretty nice piece of railroad with railfan windows and high quality overhead wires. Due to some pressing time commitments this weekend with a Trip to Albany I am throwing up this set of Classic Photos as filler. Meh, you were going to get it at some point, might as well be this weekend.

These pictures were taken in 2003 when I was taking the New Haven Line for a job interview in New York City. All the photos were taken from the front of a MNRR M2 car both in bound and outbound from GCT.

You can find all the photos here

We begin approaching the Cos Cob movable bridge as my train glides along under the classic 1906 triangular catenary.

The old New Haven power dispatchers tower in front of a still in service "anchor span" section breaker.

Close side view of SS28 GREEN tower.

Eastbound Amtrak Acela Express power car #2038 rounding the curve in the Greenwich area.

Eastbound MNRR M2 local near Port Chester. 


Short Stamford local with 4 M2s near New Rochelle. 

MNRR GP35R #106 at New Rochelle.

Borrowed LIRR Inspection Car T82 on the curve near Woodlawn Junction.

I was looking forward to getting a good photos of WOODLAWN tower, but was shocked to discover that the top had been popped for reasons unknown.

Switching to the return trip now we find MNRR M2 #8789 at the head of a long westbound train near Burr Road in Bridgeport.

Here is a cool sequence. Because MNRR loves screwing Amtrak they had it wrong railing all the way across 4 tracks at Bridgeport so that our outbound express train wouldn't be delayed. We quickly began to pass the departing westbound Amtrak train with AEM-7 #919 as we left the station. The Amtrak Regional then began to cross back over to the westbound express track at CENTER.

MNRR Shoreliner II cab car #6309 in Bridgeport Yard.

Bridgeport phase break and span mounted breaker span.

Old school gantry mounted searchlight signals at SS71 DEVON with new cheapo replacements on the ground. I guess MNRR needed to save up for more track maintenance...or not.

Passing inbound M2 train at Millford. Only two tracks were open at this time and guess where that Amtrak we passed was. Yup, behind us waiting while we made local stops.

SS73 WOODMONT tower.

Phase III Heritage painted Amtrak Metroliner Cab Car #9648 laying over in New Haven Yard with SS75 in the background.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it.

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