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Thursday, March 20, 2003

03-03-20 CLASSIC PHOTOS: LIRR Oyster Bay

So its time for another round of classic photos. This week's offering is from 2003 when I went on a short trip to Oyster Bay with American Pig. Due to his knowledge of the Long Island Bus system we didn't actually have to backtrack from Oyster Bay, instead catching a bus at an intermediate station to Port Washington allowing me to cross that line off my last as well.

You can find all the photos here. Like the last set of Classic LIRR photos there is a lot of good stuff here that has since vanished over the last decade.

We begin with newly painted AEM-7 #934 as it blasts eastward through the NJT Hamilton Station which was only a few years old at that point.

I was to meet Pigs at the Atlantic Ave LIRR terminal and as usual he was running late so I went out to the end of the platform where I got this cool Film Noirish shot of BROOK tower.

I saw this cool piece of Futurerama door art decorating the signal maintainers hangour. Can anyone explain what Bender is saying?

A few minutes later Pigs showed up..but not the one I was waiting for. These were the stop and frisk types from the NYPD mistaking me for some sort of terrorist. Taking that picture actually saved by butt because I was able to show them that to justify why I was taking photos at the end of the platform. You know...for kids.

The front car was closed off so I used the railfan window in the rear because the LIRR had those back in the day. Here is a shot of C-1 FB power car #3100 in the Morris Park deadline.

The "protect" pair of LIRR MP15's #102 and 104 hanging out in Morris Park instead of HAROLD interlocking. Note the Wabco N-2 coupler designed to pull stranded LIRR trains out of the East River tubes.

"Standard" service MP14's #165 nad #168 at the Morris Park Engine Terminal.

The late, great DUNTON tower.

Time to change trains at Jamaica. Here is DM30 #507.

EVIL "new" M7's #7012.

Thanks to no railfan windows on the C3 stock not a lot to take pictures of until Oyster Bay. Here is C3 cab car at the Oyster Bay, the not that one.

Our trainset laying over in the otherwise empty Oyster Bay Yard.

Blue banded LIRR M1 #9x27.

Two views of the Port Washington terminal from one of the pedestrian bridges at the end of the platform.

Well that's it. Short set today, but next week look forward to a ride along the new Atglen and Susquehanna mike train.


  1. About Bender...
    Test Loop meaning the ASC Test Loop. You probably noticed "TEST ASC" signs at the end of the platform. A train needs to test it's ASC before leaving the terminal. The maintainer is tired of going on wild goose chases because they say the ASC Test Loop wasn't working when a train was asked why they left the terminal late. They tend to try and find someone else to blame.

    1. Thank you, I figured it was something like that. I am well aware of some Tower Operator's tricks for explaining delays as well.