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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

13-09-24 PHOTOS: Southern Return

Every time I go down to Georgia to visit my friend I always make a point of returning to the part of the country that isn't horribly bigoted and believes in science. These trips don't tend to result in as many nice photos as the outbound trips because unless the train is terribly late I only have a small window of daylight early in the morning between Charlottesville and Washington, DC to take pictures. This trip is no different and while the Southern Main Line photos are a little thin I did manage to get some excellent photos while the power change was taking place in Washington, DC.

You can find all of the pictures right here.

Today we kick things off with a video showing a CSX mixed freight on the Abbeville Sub passing MP 510 automatic displaying a Y/Y Advance Approach indication with a pair of AC4400 locomotives, #468 and #295, running elephant style.

Moving on to the Gainesville Amtrak station where my northbound Train 20 was running a bit late around 9:30 pm I had some time to take some photos of the local yard power stationed there. Here is NS SD40-2 #3355.

There was also some road power switching a long string of tank cars with C40-9W #9108 on the front and SD70M-2 #2775 and an SD40-2.

For a "small" station there was a good sized group of passenger waiting to board the northbound Crescent.

Amtrak Train 20 arrives at the Gainesville, GA station with P42DC's #191 and #121 providing the power.

NS SD70ACe #1055 in the number two position behind C44-9W #8953 with a mixed freight southbound at Culpepper, VA.

Southern railway cabin car on display at the Manannas Amtrak/VRE station.

Well I said I had some great Washington, DC photos so we begin with MARC MP36PH-3C #10 preparing to depart in front of #13 with a double headed Penn Line train.

Lead power for my train, P42DC #191.

Amtrak AEM-7 #941 hanging out reading to take charge of a train for the trip north to New York.

AEM-7 #926 departing northbound with a Virginia service Regional.

 Amtrak SW1000R #796 running past K Tower with an extra pilot running on the back porch and an MoW whistle man on the ground.

We'll finish things off with this video montage of all the cool power change and arrival/departure action from Washington Union Stations lower level. The video includes:

Amtrak AEM-7 #926 departing with a northbound Regional
Inbound MARC commuter train
P42DC's #191 and #121 pulling off T20 to the yard.
Outbound DC Metro Red Line train.
MARC MP36PH-3C engines #13 and #10 on providing power to the previously mentioned inbound train.
Amtrak AEM-7 #908 with southbound Train 79 running next to an Amtrak SW1500 switcher.
Amtrak SW1000R #796 pulling out past K Tower
AEM-7 #946 running lite from the lower storage tracks up through K interlocking before reversing onto the head of Train 20

Well that's it for this week. Tune in next time for some more MARC and CSX photos from downtown Baltimore.

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