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Thursday, September 19, 2013

13-09-19 PHOTOS: Darth A-Line

Twice a year I take a trip down to Georgia to visit a friend, but due to a variety of circumstances the spring '13 trip was canceled and so my trip in September of 2013 was my first time on the route in over a year. During this time CSX continued to carry out more of its re-signaling campaign on the A-Line removing more of the 1980's era ACL/SCL signaling.

Anyway you all know the drill. Train 79 from Baltimore to Greensboro, NC changing to Amtrak train 19 which would take me the rest of the way. All of the photos can be found here and check them out especially if you enjoy all the signaling stuff. I got pretty lucky being able to take one window rear facing photos instead of the usual two window dreck I have to deal with on Amfleets.

We begin at Amtrak Washington Union Station with a double headed Regional preparing to depart the lower level with AEM-7's #950 and #912 at the front.

Up on the upper level was Acela Express power car #2019 waiting for its next departure northbound.

The diesel power for my Train 79 was P42DC #43.

Amtrak heritage baggage car #1703 waiting for P42 #43.

Video of #43 running up through A Interlocking and then back onto the front of T79 coupling to baggage car #1703.

Lone railfan taking photos at the Fredericksburg Amtrak/VRE station.

CSX GP40-2 #6295 engaging in some flat switching at the Fredericksburg Yard.

Passing northbound Amtrak Train 94 near Massiponix just shy of XR interlocking where the VRE yard is located. 

Although modified some of the original RF&P signaling has been left in place :-)

Unfortunately the pneumatic switch machine equipped and RF&P signaled SOUTH MILLFORD interlocking has had the once over.

HN tower at the Doswell Diamonds.

Street running through Ashland, VA.

Train 79 and Train 92 side-by-side at Richmond Staples Mill Road station.

P42DC #43 at Staples Mill Road.

Single level dining car #8350 on Train 92. This car was originally built by Budd for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1952. It will be a shame to see these old girls go even if the new Viewliner dining cars will be much nicer and at least designed by the Budd company.

CSX AC6000 #605 waiting for our train to pass at WEST AY interlocking.

#605 was about to meet sister AC6000 #5007 at the head of the northbound juice train. The great thing about riding Train 97 often it just how consistent traffic on the A-Line is both Amtrak and CSX.

Tail end of a northbound train near Petersburg.

Amtrak P42DC #77 with our northbound counterpart Train 80 near Collier Yard.

The new BX interlocking which supports the recently started Amtrak Norfolk service.

CSX C40-10W #5359 at Collier Yard.

The old Emporia station just south of the diamond.

Another C40-10W #5403 waiting for our train to pass by near Bricks.

Some of the old signals are still holding on like these at milepost 102.

Carolina Coastal Railway GP38's at Charlie Baker interlocking in Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount yard office and new signals at DI interlocking.

Surviving ACL searchlights on a two track signal bridge at MP 125.

CSX ES44AH #783 in the #2 position on a northbound train at Wilson(!).

The real shame was that all of this was re-signaled so recently and should have been a bastion of classic signaling hardware for 10-20 more years. New signals replacing classic searchlights at NORTH SELMA interlocking.

P42DC #43 at Greensboro waiting to depart.

NC DoT F59PH #1869 arriving at Greensboto with eastbound Piedmont Train #76.

A few years ago I actually had Amtrak engine 79 on the front of Train 79. Well this year #79 was teamed up with P42DC #22 pulling the southbound Crescent Train 19 shown here arriving at Greensboro with an Approach Diverging signal at ELM interlocking in anticipation of a Diverging Clear at Pomona.

Providing food service on Train 19 was former CB&Q Heritage dining car #8505 seen here at Gainesville, GA.

I'll finish up with a video of Train 19 departing Gainesville toward the Approach Diverging signal at MIDWAY interlocking.

See you next week with what will probably be photos from Train 20.

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